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Excelsior Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School
Has anyone taken the Excelsior Literacy exam to meet the NYS teacher certification requirements? I need 3 credits in Literacy Instruction and 3 in Literacy Instruction Methods. This 6 credits cover both, right?

Seems like InstantCert hasn't got prep materials for the exam yet. Any ideas or tips for passing?
Took it on the 30th of Oct and passed with an A. An easy 6-credit exam. Be familiar with the glossary.Smile
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Hey, I'm having trouble finding info on prep for this exam.
You said be familiar w/ the glossary--what glossary?
Thanks a lot!
I'm also seeking NYS certification and would like to take Literacy instruction from Excelsior. Have you taken this test yet? Any feedback would be appreciated,

Has anyone ever taken this exam? I'm wondering if all 4 "recomended" textbooks are really needed. They seem to cover the same material..
I didn't see any info on this test ECE Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School. Did anyone take this test? Any info at all? Anybody?
I am adding this to my list of exams to take the minute my last two exams are done in a few weeks. Rust never sleeps!
Does anyone have any direction on where to get some study info on this? Thanks!
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Hi, for those of you out there who don't know what to study from- I was advised to use the book "Teaching Children to Read the teacher makes the difference" 5th Edition written by D.Ray Reutzel and Robert B.Cooler. if you go through the entire book really well you should do well. Good Luck!!!!!
Bump!! Anyone else done this exam lately? I have copied the links Peace posted and I have two of the recommended Text. I have signed up, but not taken the practice exams. Any further suggestions greatly appreciated

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