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Excelsior does NOT count failed CLEP/DSST's in GPA.
There has been a lot of discussion on whether or not Excelsior counts failed Cleps and Dsst exams in their GPA.
I knew that EC had changed their policy last fall regarding their own exams, and now counts F's and D's on results from those exams towards the GPA. That made sense, but I found it difficult to believe that they would count unsuccessful Cleps and Dsst attempts and post those to the transcript/GPA. So I asked an advisor. Below is my question and the response I received from the college.

I realize that due to a change in policy EC now posts grades of 'F' on transcripts for students failing EC courses and/or exams.
My question is does EC post grades of 'F' to transcripts for enrolled students who fail CLEP or DANTES (DSST) exams, and have those failed scores sent to the college?

Reply from EC:
Thank you for your message. Excelsior College's policy has always been that we can not accept transfer credit carrying grades lower than "C", therefore "D" and "F" grades on CLEP or DANTES scores will not be applied to your record or count in your GPA.

The change in policy is that Excelsior College General Education courses and exams, and final attempt at Nursing exams, will be added to your record and be calculated into your GPA.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes!

So there you have it.
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Thank god, considering I just failed the statistics DSST by 3 points a few nights ago Sad

Appreciate you doing the research on that one.
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