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Graduate School Prerequisites
(01-28-2019, 02:05 PM)hsfamfun Wrote: ...(He is 22)  He is limiting himself a bit in that he wants an in person program and not online. 
He will figure it out.

I can see the appeal. There's definitely a networking component to an in-person program that isn't available in the methods we use. If he really loves his job, and they'll pay for it, it does make some sense.
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He has changed gears a bit, but before I explain I have a question: When I was looking at grad schools in 1991, it was the general rule of thumb that you should go to a different school for your Graduate degree than your undergraduate degree.  I don't really remember the reasoning.  Is that still the case?

He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with 2 BAs in May, in Philosophy and Communications Studies.  He also graduated from the Honors program,and one of the benefits of that is that he got free books every semester.  If he chooses grad school there, he willl get free books as well, it is one of the benefits of the Honors program.

EKU is 45 minutes away from the area of town that he lives, so very commutable, but about twice the distance from the local University. He knew when he was there, that were re-vamping their MBA, but he wasn't looking at business, so he didn't pay much attention.  Yesterday he checked it out online and asked a couple of classmates if they had heard anything about it and they said it was getting really good press and people like it.

The things he likes are:
1)There are no prerequisites, but there is a summer boot camp required by everyone.
2)They have 3 tracks you can take.  2 yr, 3yr, or 4 yr.  Since work will pay for up to 6 hrs per semester, he would choose the 3 year and pay for the difference each semester or the 4 year.
3) The MBA is actually broken up into 3 sections and every time that you finish a section, you earn a graduate certificate.  So, if he changes employers, decides on another program, or moves for any reason, as long as he has finished the section, he will still have something to show for it in the form of a graduate certificate.  When you finish the final certificate, you are issued the certificate and the MBA.
4)Classes are geared to working adults.  All classes are at night and offereed one night a week, except for the seminar each semester, which is a hybrid class only meeting a few times per semester and mostly online.  

He is much more excited about this, and is planning to visit the next few weeks.  It is set up in way that is somewhat similar to the honors program with the seminars each semester and he enjoyed that setup.  Thanks for the advice and if you have any more advice, please comment.

Thanks again,
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It is usually better to attend a different school at each level of education to avoid groupthink. The idea is that each university has their own way of doing things and a person will be exposed to different ideas and people by attending a different college/university. I think that this greatly depends on profession/goals. My sister attended Michigan for undergrad. and she also earned her MSW at Michigan. She has had no difficulties with this, although she worked at a series of hospitals and now the VA. She doesn't teach. I think this is more important in academia.
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(01-30-2019, 08:49 AM)hsfamfun Wrote: He has changed gears a bit, but before I explain I have a question: When I was looking at grad schools in 1991, it was the general rule of thumb that you should go to a different school for your Graduate degree than your undergraduate degree.  I don't really remember the reasoning.  Is that still the case?

It depends entirely on the degree and career path.  Going to your local 4-yr state college for both your BSBA and MBA wouldn't be frowned upon in most instances.  Going to the same school for your BA in Speech-Language Pathology and transitioning right into their MA program would be normal for most.  Going for a degree and then getting your teaching credential from the same school is a given.  Getting your degree and then going to the same school for Med school or law school is normal too.

If you want to teach at a college, then the rules are different.  If you want to work on Wall Street, then the rules are different.  It you want to work at the top law practice in your city, then the rules are different.  Otherwise, most places just don't care.
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It sounds like it would be a good situation for him and if he likes the program and is looking forward to it then why not?
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