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Help - Modern States Question
I'm taking clep exams as a faster alternative to an associate degree in order to gain admission to law school.
I passed the practice examine off the official guide of the clep test i'm currently revising and I believe I'll br ready to take the exam next week. 

I'm just about to take the crash course on Modern States. How does it work? 
Once I complete it,  they'll give me a voucher I can use to take the clep exam for free?

Is it just as easy as signing up with them and completing the course in question?
Yes. You take the course by watching the videos(you can watch at up to 2X speed) you can read the supplemental material if you want. There are homework questions. Most courses let you try 2-3 times to get the questions right. At the end, if you have at least a 75% score on the homework questions, you can request a voucher for a CLEP test. Then you sign up for the test on the college board website using the voucher code to make it free. Then you schedule the test at your desired testing center. After the test you can send Modern States the receipt and they will send you a check to reimburse the testing center fee. So far I've noticed that the questions on the modern states courses are basically the same as the questions in the official study guide.
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Congrats on jumping in and getting started. Which CLEP test are you taking 1st?

When you prepare take as many different sample test as you can find to prepare. There are sources online.
I used and enjoyed Modern States' system, and the voucher program is awesome. I used them to take (and pass) the Humanities, Social Sciences and Analyzing Literature CLEPS. I didn't read most of the supplemental materials available but I did watch all videos twice. Their staff are helpful and friendly and with each test I took, I received encouragement letters from the CEO of Modern States.
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Is there anything like Modern States but for the DSST?

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