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Help requested with Thomas Edison degree plan. BSOL
Hello all,

I recently received my credit evaluation, and I was hoping someone who has experienced this would be able to help me create a plan to complete my degree. 

The degree I'm planning on completing is a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. *Unless someone has a better business related degree more suited to my existing credits

Below is the copy/past from Thomas Edison's credit evaluation. I'm a long ways away, and I'm really hoping that I can get started on the right path and hopefully avoid some mistakes based on your previous experience.

Any and all help is truly appreciated.

Here we go

1: General Education (60 SH)[b] (In progress)[/b]
A: IntellecSkills 15 SH[b] (In progress)[/b]

ENC-101 3 SH *must earn a grade of C/CR or better[b] (In progress)[/b]
English Composition I 
1 credit needed

[size=undefined][size=undefined]ENC-102 3 SH *must earn a grade of C/CR or better[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

[size=undefined][size=undefined]Oral Communication 3 SH[b] (Complete)[/b][/size][/size]
[size=undefined][size=undefined]Quantitative Literacy 3 SH[b] (Complete)[/b]

[size=undefined][size=undefined]Information Literacy 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

B: Civic Learning 9 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
Diversity 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

[size=undefined][size=undefined]Ethics 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

[size=undefined][size=undefined]Civic Engagement 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]____
3 credits needed

C: Human Cultures 9 SH[b] (Complete)[/b]
D: Natural World 4 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed
1 credit needed

E: Mathematics 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

F: GE Electives 20 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
TES-100 1 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]

[size=undefined][size=undefined]Additional General Education Electives 19 SH[b] (Not started)[/b][/size][/size]
2: Leadership Foundations (12 SH)[b] (Not started)[/b]
A: Org Behavior 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

B: Foundations 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

C: Org Change 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

D: Communication 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]

3: Advanced Leadership (24SH)[b] (Not started)[/b]
A: Adv Leadership 12 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
*must earn grades of C/CR or better
Complete 12 Semester Hours (SH) from the following:
MAN-415 Change Management 3 SH
MAN-435 Project Management 3 SH
MAN-425 Advanced Organizational Management 3 SH
MAN-301 Principles of Management 3 SH
LDR-422 Leadership in a Global Environment 3 SH
LDR-419 Nonprofit Leadership 3 SH
LDR-324 Leaders in History 3 SH 
3 credits needed

B: Adv Leadership 9 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits

C: Practicum 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

4: Supportive Leadership Courses (12SH)[b] (In progress)[/b]
A: Economics 3 SH[b] (In progress)[/b]
1.67 credits needed

B: Mngrl Comm 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

C: Org Theory 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

D: Computer Cncpts 3 SH[b] (Not started)[/b]
3 credits needed

5: Business Electives (6SH)[b] (Complete)[/b]
Group 1[b] (Complete)[/b]
SH Earned: 6

6: Electives (6sh)[b] (Complete)[/b]

Thank you all in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

To help others help you:

1. What is your goal? Finish fast? Finish Cheap? Learn a lot?
2. What is your timeframe for completion?
3. Would the BALS be a suitable alternative if time is a concern?
4. What are you going to use this degree for? Does the job require a BSOL or any BS/BA?
5. Are you good at testing out of things ex: CLEP, DSST?
The credits you have listed are all GenEds and will work for any degree, so choose according to your career needs or aptitude.
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PLA Tips Thread - TESU: What is in a Portfolio?
(06-20-2018, 02:36 PM)jjsafari Wrote: To help others help you:

1. What is your goal? Finish fast? Finish Cheap? Learn a lot?
2. What is your timeframe for completion?
3. Would the BALS be a suitable alternative if time is a concern?
4. What are you going to use this degree for? Does the job require a BSOL or any BS/BA?
5. Are you good at testing out of things ex: CLEP, DSST?

1. Finish Fast and Cheap would be ultimate priority. This is a check box degree for my current situation.
2. As soon as possible. I have 2-3 hours per day that I can typically devote to this. More when deadlines require it.
3. What is BALS? Sorry for my lack of expertise on this.
4. There is no requirement for me, I would like to just check the bachelors off my list.
5. I pretty decent with testing, and can do better with some subjects vs others (as with most). However I would prefer the online learning platform as its something I can complete at work!

Thank you so much for that insight, please let me know any other questions you might have.
Go to the Academic Evaluation and select the Bachelors of Art in Liberal Studies from the drop down.

Take a look at the requirements. They are much less specific. So if fast and cheap is your goal I would recommend this as it is most flexible.

I would look in to doing the upper level DSSTs first to have that Area of Study done. then work on filling the little sections.
That looks like a much more flexible options, and would work great for me.

So here is how the new evaluation looks:

1: BA General Education (60 SH) (In progress)
A: IntellctSkills 15 SH (In progress)
ENC-101 3 SH *must earn grade of C/CR or better (In progress) (1 credit required)
ENC-102 3 SH *must earn grade of C/CR or better (Not started) (3 credits required)
Oral Communication 3 SH (Not started) (3 required)
Quantitative Literacy 3 SH (Not started) (3 required)
Information Literacy 3 SH (Not started) (3 required)

B: Civic Learning 9 SH (Not started)
Diversity 3 SH (Not started) (3 required)
Ethics 3 SH (Not started) (3 required)
Civic Engagement 3 SH (Not started) (3 required)

C: Human Cultures 12 SH (In progress) (4 earned - 8 remaining)

D: Natural World 4 SH (Not started) (3 required)

E: GE Electives 20 SH (Not started) (20 required)

TES-100 1 SH (Not started)
Cornerstone: Lifelong Learning Strategies

Additional General Education Electives 19 SH (Not started)

2: Liberal Studies (30 SH: 15SH at upper level) (In progress)
A: Upper Level (15 SH) (Not started)

B: Liberal Stud (15 SH) (In progress) (10 earned - 5 required)

3: Liberal Arts Capstone (3 SH) (Not started)

4: Electives (27SH) (In progress) (12 earned - 15 required)

Thank you again for your help thus far,
My suggestion is to do the CLEP and DSST first. Because if you fail there is a waiting period to retake them. So you don't get down to the last test and have to push graduation back due to a reattempt.

I would recommend doing the CLEP for the LL requirements and the DSST for the UL requirements and then see where things take you.
I would suggest a different degree.  This one is going to be harder to test out of, because you can't test out of all of the requirements - so you're going to have to take $1500 courses from TESU at some point in addition to the Capstone.

Instead, you should do the BSBA in HR/Org Mgmt.  That is full test-out-able.

I would not necessarily do the DSST's that jjsafari is recommending, because most of the UL exams can't be used in the AOS for either the degree you stated, nor the BSBA.  If you choose to take DSST's rather than using other course providers, then make sure you know where they're going to fit into your AOS (area of study).  At TESU, the only time UL courses "count" is when you're using them in your AOS.  If you're not, then you've just taken a harder exam for no reason (unless it's that you think you can pass easily).

There are so many options for taking courses/exams, that I wouldn't limit myself to CLEP/DSST's.  You can do them if you want, and should for anything you can pass fairly easily, but they are by no means the only way to get credit.  SL and are much more popular now than the exams.

Attached Files
.xlsx   TESU BSBA HR.xlsx (Size: 62.52 KB / Downloads: 19)
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Have you reviewed your post from two years ago? Link: Basically, this is the post I would agree with. You should go for the BSBA HR as recommended by dfrecore, or the BSBA Ops Man by PrLoko.

Essentially, I would pick either over the BSOL due to three reasons... the difference between HR/Ops are 5 courses.
1) You have a knack for programmatic/secondary accreditation, BSBA has ACBSP but the BSOL doesn't.
2) You can transfer in 117 credits, the only course that can't be transferred is the Capstone.
3) The main reason for choosing the BSBA degree - it's cheaper/easier/faster with the BSBA than the BSOL.
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