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How does TESU take Sophia classes? ACE or direct?
Hey there everyone!

Wondering the answer to this question if anyone happens to know.  TIA!
TESU BALS March 2020! (24) StraighterLine (33) Sophia (10) SHU and GCU (26) TEEX (6) Coopersmith (12) CSMLearn (3) TESU (6)
Hey suzycupcake!

ACE! Smile

TESU for BA in Psych + ASNSM in CS
Working on TEEX courses now 
Next up - for Eng Comp II, Coopersmith/SDC for AOS courses
Grad goal - slow-paced, late 2020
Completed - 
28 cr from B&M CC
The Institute: Ethics Psy 104, His 108, Edu 104, Edu 103, Pol Sci 102, Comm 120 Intro to Stats/Psych/Sociology, Envir Science, Conflict Res, Hum Biology, Visual Comm, US History I + II, Intro to IT, An.Gr.Philosopher
Thanks a bunch!!
TESU BALS March 2020! (24) StraighterLine (33) Sophia (10) SHU and GCU (26) TEEX (6) Coopersmith (12) CSMLearn (3) TESU (6)
(07-16-2019, 06:21 AM)CarpeDiem8 Wrote: Hey suzycupcake!

ACE! Smile


Thats means you must move to your ACE account before send to TESU??
cecilgambe7 Wrote:Thats means you must move to your ACE account before send to TESU??

Yes, place everything into ACE before you transfer them to TESU.
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(07-17-2019, 09:30 PM)cecilgambe7 Wrote:
(07-16-2019, 06:21 AM)CarpeDiem8 Wrote: Hey suzycupcake!

ACE! Smile


Thats means you must move to your ACE account before send to TESU??

Everything you ever take that is ACE should be put in your ACE account, no matter what you want to do with it in the future.

THEN, if you need to send an ACE transcript to a school, everything will be on there.

The only course providers that you can send direct to TESU (not talking about NCCRS) is, where you HAVE to send direct (not sure why), and Straighterline, where you CAN send direct (again, not sure why).  Everyone else has to be sent on the ACE transcript.  No idea why TESU differentiates between, SL, Sophia, etc., but they do... Huh
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Is this the same for excelsior?

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