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How has your degree improved your life?
After working in a corporate setting for 30 years, I finally feel like I am equal to everyone else. I know it isn't true that I wasn't as smart as everyone who had their bachelors but now I truly feel like "one of them". It feels amazing Smile

This will open so many new doors for me because everything nowadays is "bachelors from a regionally accredited institution required, masters preferred".

On to my masters!
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Years ago I started out in Math, then I came across Discovering Psychology on a friend's sister's desk. I changed streams and my life. I made money yes, but it has been wholly fulfilling helping people. Just talking and getting people to see a better self of themselves. When I started out, my mother thought it was crazy to explore this subject. She thought it would be a dead end with debt. Today, she's very happy suggesting younger people to try it! Smile
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