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How is GPA calculated at TESU?
Hey guys, newbie here. I'm currently eyeing a TESU BSBA-Finance degree, with a goal of getting into grad school afterwards. Admittance to grad school is competitive enough that I would need to maintain at least a 3.8 GPA at TESU if I wanted a decent shot at acceptance into grad.

So far, I've only taken one CLEP test, for which I received a 67. From what I’ve heard, that number is actually meaningless, as CLEPs are accepted by TESU simply on a pass/fail basis.

So my question is, how do CLEPs, and all other credit-earning mechanisms used on these forums (DSST,, etc.) play into the GPA at TESU? Also, what GPA have others here normally completed TESU’s BSBA major with, and what can I realistically expect if I’m trying to accomplish this major in just one year?

Thanks in advance!
ACE/NCCRS credit does not count toward your GPA at TESU. Your grad school will look at your grades from other schools (and your TESU capstone grade and any other TESU classes you may take).
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(08-15-2018, 07:13 PM)jsd Wrote: ACE/NCCRS credit does not count toward your GPA at TESU. Your grad school will look at your grades from other schools (and your TESU capstone grade and any other TESU classes you may take).

Thanks! Will the grad school even be able to see my scores on test credits? I'm asking because I don't want it to hurt my chances if they can see, hypothetically, that most of my CLEP scores range around 50-55.

I'm not planning on taking classes from any other schools, and hopefully won't have to take any special TESU classes either. Am I correct in understanding that then my entire GPA would rest on just the Capstone?
Yes you are correct. If you don't transfer in any credits from another college and don't take any classes at TESU besides the capstone, your entire GPA will ride solely on that.

Of course, double check with your prospective grad schools that they would allow that. It's all based on each school's requirements. Some may want you to have a certain amount of graded credits. Some may want to see certain classes as having grades.
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Grad schools will never see a grade from an ACE course - it's all pass/fail. It doesn't matter if you get a 70 to pass or a 100. However, they will ask for transcripts and if you only have one graded course for the capstone they will notice. A 4.0 won't matter much if it's only one course. It might not matter at all, but best to check.
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This is one of those instances where you need to work backwards from where you want to end up. Determine which schools you want to go to, what the requirements are, and then go about fulfilling those requirements. If a school wants 30 graded credits, take 30 credits through an RA school. If a school wants all of your core courses to have graded credits, set about doing that.

BTW - what you read on the internet may not tell you the whole story, so call those schools directly and TALK to human beings. They may be very helpful in telling you what they look for.

Narrow down your search based on what the schools say, and then go get your degree based on what you learn and what you decide.
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