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Instantcert exam interruption
Hi All!

I was moving along on the Spanish 1 credit course and began my Exam 1.  Audio stopped rendering on my laptop, so I had to reboot.  However, I found no way to continue my exam.  To make this worse, this problem happened right on question 1.  Is this to be expected, or am I correct in assuming that I should have been able to resume my non proctored exam?  I still had about 59 minutes out of my 60 minutes total remaining.

Thanks for any help/advice!
Same happened to me with my midterm today. It kicked me out halfway through and I couldn’t get back in. It let me go into any other part of the course except the midterm tab (even other exams tabs). I tried on different browsers to no avail. :/ When I took my first exam it kicked me out but I was able to get back to where I left off. Not sure if there was some glitch this time around.
Following up to say I emailed customer service and they were able to help me out. I’d encourage you to reach out to them if you haven’t already.

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Hello all!

The customer service for InstantCertCredit is the is the best! They answered my questions thoroughly and fixed my issue quickly. Taking courses and earning credit through them was a very positive experience.


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