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Is That Your Final Answer?
So what was everyone's final "straw that broke the camel's back". Or to put it another way, what finally cemented you're decision to finish or start that next level to the degree that you wanted?

I know mine was when I was working in a Primary Care clinic as an RN and realized that I was basically doing what the Physician's assistant was doing for less money and less prestige.

So, what was it?
Cameron16 Wrote:So what was everyone's final "straw that broke the camel's back". Or to put it another way, what finally cemented you're decision to finish or start that next level to the degree that you wanted?

I know mine was when I was working in a Primary Care clinic as an RN and realized that I was basically doing what the Physician's assistant was doing for less money and less prestige.

So, what was it?

Ohhh good question.

For me, it was a series of three quick events that all happened at just the right time.
My husband was unexpectedly out of work. It took him MONTHS of applying for jobs that he was more than qualified for, but the road block was that he didn't have a bachelor's degree, and the landscape of our industry was changing.
Second, my friend gave me a book called Accelerated Distance Learning by Brad Voeller. (highly suggest) That got me thinking that there were alternative ways to earn credit, some of them very fast.
Finally, my husband's new employer offered tuition reimbursement- so I worked up a plan that I called "2 for 1" which was both of us earning a bachelor degree at the same time for the price of one!
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Premed/Prenursing Sciences, 2011 Ocean County College, NJ
BA Social Science, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
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AOS Culinary Arts,1990 Culinary Institute of America, NY

Homeschooling for College Credit
I always had the desire to do it and I was finally able to. Now it seems I can't stop! I was in a position to make a change in my life and I wanted a different career path. So the only way was to go back to school. I am so glad that I did.
"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."~ Henry David

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well i always wanted to do it... but due to certain things to which i had given more importance i always had to drop out of school(3 times). Now I am looking for a job. but the only thing that drops me - DEGREE. I even decided going back to B & M and studying for 4 years. but I have a family to take care. and also when i could complete the same degree at a faster pace, and cheaper .. i thought of testing.(by the way Lawrie Miller's BA in 4 Weeks. Online degrees by distance learning. BA degree and graduate degees - Accelerated Master Degrees by Distance Learning. is what showed me the path). so I am not enrolled but ya i have a degree plan and actively testing since last 3 weeks.
Thomas Edison - BSBA - CIS

My Degree Plan
I just always wanted to pursue a higher education. There wasn't really any one moment where I decided I wanted to do it. I was going to a university, and decided that just wasn't the path for me. Now I'm taking classes at a community college and using the tests to get credits that I need.
Sounds like everyone has that same desire in common! It is nice to be able to knock out some of the courses online without all the time and hassle of going to university. Good luck, everyone, in your chosen field!
[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]Here is a fun story for you. I explained this in my personal statement to the college that recently accepted me to finish my undergrad. The enrollment counselor there told me that "my personal statement, combined with my profound success on CLEP exams, made her look forward to meeting me." How fun is that?

I always knew I would go to college at some point because I was a very successful high school student. However, I gave birth to my first baby when I was 19, which put a small wrench in my gears. So ... I ended up having two more children over the next two years, which put a slightly bigger wrench in my gears. Smile

Anyway, December 2007 rolls around and my middle child (female) is having a conversation with my oldest child (male). My oldest child tells her that when he grows up, he will have to go to college for a long time because he is going to be an anesthesiologist. My middle child explains to him that she will not need to go to college at all. Since she is a girl, she is just going to be a mom. :eek:

Shortly after that, I met all of the fine people on this forum.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="2"]Here is my lineup since January 2008![/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]UP NEXT: Introductory Business Law
Biology 53 Cool
Intro to Educational Psychology 63
Principles of Marketing 65
College Algebra 60
Introductory Psychology 70
Human Growth and Development 68
Information Sys. Computer App. 48 OUCH! Sad
Introductory Sociology 66
Principles of Management 70
[B]US History II
[B]Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
54 [B][SIZE="1"]COLD[/SIZE]
English Composition with Essay 52 [SIZE="1"]COLD[/SIZE]
Plus, the 24 credits I've earned at the traditional B&M so far.
[COLOR="Red"]I am graduating in December of 2009!
BS in Human Resources Management
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota[/COLOR]
For me I had always wanted to get back to school, I had gone to Nursing school right out of high school, but being married got in the way of that. Then I was accepted to start at a different nursing program starting in Sept 74, but I was pregnant and due in Oct 74. I got divorced in 75 and finally tried back to college in Sept 76 but working full time and being a single Mom derailed me that time. Finally after remarrying in 84 I went back to school in Sept. I continued doing well until I was pregnant again and gave up in May 87. That was the end of college for me. It always bothered me I work in Chemistry with lots of very bright people many even had their PhD. I was always embarrased when they would ask me what school I went to and I had to say I never finished.

Flash forward to Sept 2006 my son born in 87 is starting his senior year of high school my Mother-in-law is talking about paying for his college. Somehow we get on to me returning to college and she says she would pay because I was always a good student. Sooo I think why not if she will pay I have more time now with all my children older why not beat them to a degree.
Well my mother-in-law only paid my 1st years tuition then she backed out (She is an 83 year old millionare who thinks she can take it with her). Since I had done so well the 1st year and I enjoyed it so much (and my m-I_L had paid my sons 1st semester tuition) my husband and I decided to pay for my tuition ourselves and let me continue. I earned my AA in June and it felt so wonderful I want to go on for my BA. My son flunked out of college after 1 semester, but now my youngest son is starting college. So my husband just took a loan from his 401K to pay my sons and my tuition and hopefully by this time next year I will be finishing up my BA. I will be 55 years old by then, but I will have finally done it and I will have beat my sons to it too.

Start by doing what is necessary: then do the possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible  St Francis of Assisi

Now a retired substitute Teacher in NY, & SC

AA Liberal Studies TESC '08
BA in Natural Science/Mathematics TESC Sept '10
AAS Environmental safety and Security Technology TESC  Dec '12
For me it was the fact that my company was quickly downsizing and the fact that eventually I will be out of a job and be left with very few options only having a 2 year degree. Thankfully, the job has lasted 2 years longer than I thought and it has allowed me to work on my degree. Only 4 exams left until I'm done and ready to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.


[SIZE="1"]Passed Exams:
DSST - Principles of Supervision (65) Big Grin
DSST - Organizational Behaviro (70) Big Grin
DSST - Human Resources Mgmt (68) Big Grin

Left to take:
TECEP Sales Mgmt
DSST Business Math
CLEP Intro to Business Law
TECEP Business Policy[/SIZE]
I wanted to apply for a better job, but I didn't have enough education for the requirements. I didn't know then what I know now. So I toughed out three more semesters at the local university around the split shifts at my physically demanding job and finally managed to fulfill requirements for an Associate of Arts degree. I knew I wanted a bachelors, but at that rate it would have taken me three or four more years. It seemed out of reach and I was tired.

I was sick of the campus, sick of the university's ridiculous fees and requirements and schedules... so I started looking for an online school. I found several degree forums and one of those led me here. I learned all about testing out and the Big Three. There were so many success stories. I was wary, but I signed up for IC and took my first exam (CLEP Educational Psych). It freaked me out, but I passed! Three credits, just like that! I was hooked. I enrolled with Excelsior and never looked back.

Now I'm working on the masters I never thought I could achieve... all thanks to IC, EC, and exams for credit. And I changed my career! Big Grin

Ever grateful,
Ever Upward!

[COLOR="Navy"]BS Liberal Arts
Excelsior College

MS Psychology
California Coast University[/color]

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