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Is this a viable plan
First post, there will probably more as we get further along.

My son is currently 16 and wants to pursue a career in aviation. I am in the same field. He needs a non specific "four year" degree. My company actually has a degree reimbursement plan and funnels everyone through TESU. TE has partnered with my company and even offers credit for some of our initial training programs. All that is said just for the basis of saying I am familiar with how TESE works.

My son is attending a private high school that offers IB diplomas for those that do the work. It looks like TE will grant credit for acceptable scores just like AP tests for IB tests. He should also be able to be granted some credit for FAA certificates that he has now and will earn going forward.

Reading it seems TESU is going through a lot of changes right now. The biggest to impact him is the age requirement as of the beginning of last year. Now to enroll he needs to be 18 with a HS diploma. Even then he will have to take the accuplacer which is a minor inconvenience. Does it make sense to have him start CLEPing and accumulating other credit now or should he wait until 18 and actually be enrolled with program requirements locked in. His goal is to have a degree by the time he is 21 which will be March of 2024.

Thank you
So, first, I don't think TESU will take IB credits. The reason I think this is because I've worked with them on AP credits, and they only take those because they are ACE-recommended - and any that are not, or have stopped becoming ACE aren't accepted.

Second, I think that if he just needs ANY degree, he's probably better off getting a BALS/BSLS at COSC - it's at least $2000 less.

Third, no matter what you decide, he should get 114cr via alternative credit providers, and then enroll and take the cornerstone and capstone and be done. Easy enough to do in 2 years, let alone 4. He could be done by the time he graduates from HS if he plans it right.
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