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Life University - MS Positive Psychology
While I was looking for similar programs to Logan University and Eastern Virginia Medical School, I came across an interesting RA program, Wikipedia states: Life University's M.S. in Positive Psychology is one of just three similar programs in the entire United States. If you can attend the 3 weekend residencies, it's a good program, some may want to ladder after the Human Biology degree @ Logan U.

Program Info:
Online Track Note: Three in-person, weekend residencies are also required for graduation.
Tuition $284/credit ($13,632 if you can finish in a year) -

I found the program under "Basic Classifications"
There are 35 Special Focus Four-Year: Medical Schools & Centers
There are 288 Special Focus Four-Year: Other Health Professions Schools

A couple of recent threads from Sanantone points to two schools that can be found in this list.

Another fun fact is that the Carnegie Classifications also have NA school programs from Associates, Bachelors to Masters & Doctorates. It's not just Medical/Health professions, they have other classifications as well, such as for Business or Technology, etc.  I may just do another search for programs for other fields of study.
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~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc
They also have an online bachelor's degree in biology. Unfortunately, they're on the quarter hour system.
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4 credits
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Thank you BJ for this post - I've been looking at this program (haven't spoken to anyone yet but left a voicemail with them) at Life Univ. I'd be looking at the general track. I am already a Master Certified Life Coach from another organization. This stuff is "my jam" and I'd be willing to pass up a competency-based program to do something that really interests me. (I'm sure an MS in I/O Psych would be more useful at work but this looks to be a lot more fun and wouldn't seem so much like work.)

With a program like this where they say it's offered in a 3 quarter online program and Spring has 5 classes, does that mean you are expected to take all 5 classes during that quarter? If you don't take them, do you have to wait for them to come along again next spring? 

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I haven't come across anything like this. It's usually "these are the required classes" and you take at your own pace. 

Thanks in advance for any input!
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