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Masters Accounting Prerequisites
I know very little about anything masters related, but I'm trying to keep my ducks in a row for grad school if I get the chance. If I go the B&M route, I'll likely attend U of TN because they're close and they don't require an undergrad GPA (at least it's not mentioned??). Master of Accountancy Application | The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Quote:Prerequisite courses include:
Accounting 301 – Introductory Financial Reporting
Accounting 311 – Financial Reporting and Analysis ---> would this be the same as financial accounting?
Accounting 321 – Cost Management [COLOR="#0000FF"]---> is this the same as cost accounting?
Accounting 411 – Financial, Compliance, and Operational Auditing
Accounting 414 – Advanced Financial Reporting ---> would this be advanced accounting?[/COLOR]
Accounting 431 – Federal Income Taxation
Finance 301 – Financial Management
Information Management 341 – Business Process Analysis ---> not sure where to even place this one bc tesu is pretty specific in their business requirements

They line up pretty well with Tesu's acc options:
Quote:Federal Income Taxation I
Federal Income Taxation II OR Tax Accounting II
Advanced Financial Accounting
Advanced Managerial Accounting
Accounting Information Systems
Analysis of Financial Statements
Cost Accounting
Fund, Government OR Public Accounting

So it looks like I need to switch out some courses in my plan. I know I can go the CPA pathway route which would take care of two of them in free electives. Also can someone point me in the direction of where I can best take these other courses?

I attached a spreadsheet showing my current plan; I think it's a mixture of spreadsheets from Synicaal, drfecore and sanantone. Thanks, guys!
.xlsx   Less than 1 minute ago">my bsba acc spreadsheet.xlsx (Size: 14.38 KB / Downloads: 3)
BSBA Accounting at TESU - 121/121
Graduated June 2018!

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