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Minerva University
It's now accredited by WASC
Minerva, a higher education outsider, now an accredited university (
Minerva Schools at KGI | Minerva Schools
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  • ashkir
Congratulations to them! their websit eis severely weird and lacking information. But it is great to see someone new in the game.

Expensive tuition however. Their address however is the San Francisco LAw Library??? weird
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  • FastTrackDegree
What makes them different?
*Note: Transferred credits are at the discretion of relevant college deans. However, due to the scaffolded nature of Minerva’s curriculum, in which each year builds upon the previous one, you must satisfy all core requirements so transfer credits can only be applied to elective courses. If you are admitted to Minerva and would like to transfer credits from completed university courses, you must submit a description of each course and the grades you received.

Transfer Students | Minerva Schools (

Seems like it may be an issue, unless you're just using them for RA credits. 
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  • Johndmabryjr
They're Keck! and they're accredited
Hmm... I think the main appeal are the programs they offer, but the cost is a bit overwhelming...
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