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Multi-Factor Authentication (Azure/Safenet)
I noticed a few boards have the multi-factor authentication option (I haven't used it with the boards yet) and a few companies I consult with have upgraded or will upgrade too...  Anyways, there are a few options to choose from:  Safenet Mobile Pass+, Microsoft Authenticator that uses Azure, RSA Token, etc.

Anyone have a recommendation over the other and reasons why you choose that?  I am leaning towards MFA as that app just requires you to approve your logon by tapping approve.  The Safenet app - MobilePass requires you to punch in a pin+passcode.   And then there are the hardware RSA tokens that require you to carry an extra item around.... decisions decisions.
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How valuable is the data you are protecting? How likely are you to get targeted?

As an admin I supported an MFA with a Citrix Gateway. I preferred the soft tokens because the hardware tokens were a pain. Getting lost, breaking, randomly stop working, etc. As a user, I choose the SMS options because I don't have to deal with an app and always have my phone with me.
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Thanks Smile

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