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My Wife has 77 credits and just needs and Associates to get promoted. Please Help!!
Hi Guys!

I have searched this website and honestly I am overwhelmed by the search results. My wife has77 credits and is prior service military and all she needs to get promoted at her job is an Associates in literally anything.

She does not have GI bill due to transferring it to our son and right now we are kind of struggling to make ends meet. Between me trying to finish my bachelors and her hopefully getting an associates for a promotion we have spent quite a bit out of pocket already and right now we are focusing on her getting her associates for that promotion which would help us out immensely!

She was previously attending Clovis CC and we paid out of pocket for 3 classes however now we can no longer afford to pay for her classes and she needs 3 more classes to graduate from there so I am hoping for an alternative that would cost us no more $700 to get her associates. 

Her GPA (2.75 at Clovis) isn't great and at this point she just needs that associate's to get promoted and then college will no longer be an issue for her. 

From the search results I seen mentioned many times the Big 3 and also BOG but the there was so many results that I was left with more questions and at this point I hoping she can just take one class and graduate so I am asking what route is the best for her. I have attached a PDF of her credits if that helps.

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.pdf   Unofficial transcript.pdf (Size: 101.48 KB / Downloads: 37)
Check out the Board of Governor's AAS from
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(03-12-2018, 03:45 PM)quigongene Wrote: Check out the Board of Governor's AAS from

I seen BOG pop up in the searches many times and the its just confusing to me the residency reqs.. I seen many posts mention some reqs but then I seen other posts of people with 90 credits just submitting an app and their transcripts and 2 months later getting their Associates.

SO I am just looking for clarification on the fastest route.
For Pierpont, the only "residency" is having 12 regionally accredited credit hours (which doesn't look like an issue here). The other requirements are:

6 credits in English or Communications
6 credits in Math or Science
6 credits in Social Science or History
3 credits in computer knowledge

39 credits in whatever (my JST brought in 38 of these).

I didn't see any computer knowledge, but 2 of the TEEX courses can make up for that (CyberSecurity for Everyone and CyberSecurity for IT Professionals).

I say go ahead and apply and start sending transcripts. The price is right :-)

Also, I'm pretty crap at doing spreadsheets, but this may give you a better idea:
Working On:  WGU MS-ITM (start early 2020), GA Tech OMSC (start early 2021?)
Completed:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018, finished 01/11/2019)
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I'm not sure how fast OP needs. Guigongene, how long did your BOG evaluation take? I submitted my ACE and CC transcripts for BOG in late Dec. and they have only transferred the ACE and no evaluation yet. I emailed Nancy (I think) in mid-Feb. and she was very nice and said my CC transcript was received and all looks good & she sent email to the registrar. Still no sign of my CC credits on Felix as of today.
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My son: Currently pursuing Harvard Extension MLA Digital Media Design 20 Cr completed
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My wife got her diploma in December after applying and sending credits in September (her's were all CC received in the mid 2000s). Mine confers in May after sending everything in November (my CC credits were from the mid 1990s/early 2000s). I can only speak about my/my wife's experience, unfortunately.
Working On:  WGU MS-ITM (start early 2020), GA Tech OMSC (start early 2021?)
Completed:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018, finished 01/11/2019)
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Unfortunately they seem to be slower now.

Has your wife checked if she can switch degree plans and need fewer credits?

Most schools need more residency credits which makes this tricky. I think she should try seeing if she has enough to graduate from U of Phoenix or maybe CSU (they are not an RA school, and she might need RA for her job?)
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It looks like your wife only has 43 hours, but attempted 77 hours.

Maybe consider a month of Straighterline to get her to 60 hours needed. There is a thread with discount codes that would make it way more affordable. Other cheap credits sources are worth looking into as well.
That transcript is really hard to read! I can't figure out any of it.

Much easier to look at each individual transcript from each school, plus the military JST. That's how you'd have to send them anyway.

Yes, the Pierpont BOG is probably your best choice if you have the right credits. Just going by what I know of the WVNCC process, it was very slow - but it was FREE so that's awesome.

So, either list your wife's actual credits earned by school, or post the separate transcripts, and we can help to see if you could get a Pierpont BOG AAS quickly and cheaply.
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Ok it looks like I also read the transcript incorrectly myself and from looking at all the credits rather than the bottom numbers it it looks like she actually has 65 credits. And they are as follows:

Military JST
- 34 Credits

Columbia Southern
- Sociology 101 - 3 credits
- Earth Science 101 - 3 Credits
- Student orientation - 1 credits
- English Comp 102 - 3 credits
- Freshman seminar- 3 credits

University of Phoenix
- Found. of Gen Ed - 3 credits
- Math for Gen Ed. - 3 credits
- College Math - 3 credits

Clovis CC
- Comm 101 - 3 credits
- Psych 101 - 3 credits
- Eng composition / Research - 3 credits

What we are worried about is her Columbia southern credits because we found out after a couple semesters that they are a nationally accredited school. She used TA while in the military and because they were part of the go army ed portal she just assumed that they were regionally accredited. Anyway looking forward to the feedback.

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