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Never give up! My path to MBA and beyond.
(12-21-2018, 12:30 PM)ThatBankDude Wrote: Kaskadian,

This is awesome! Congratulations on the achievements you have thus far and good luck in the rest of your MBA journey! It is a fun journey albeit a difficult one. I am 4 courses away from completing my MBA. I will be taking 3 classes in Spring 2019 and will take my last course in the Summer 2019. Should be done around the 1st week of June and I cannot wait!

Congrats on all your hard work paying off! Keep at it and get those last 4 classes done! Smile
West Texas A&M: MBA (In Progress) 4/14 Completed
Financial Accounting Leveling (In Progress)
Statistics Leveling
Finance Leveling
Managerial Accounting
Corporate Finance
Economic Applications  (Completed)
Management Information Systems
Quantitative Analysis
Consumer Theory (Completed)
Leadership (Completed)
Business Integration
International Business (Completed)

TESU (Graduated 2016)
Very inspiring read!! Congratulations Kaskadian!
TESU BA-Psychology (Started Sept. 15, 2018): 61 Cr.

TEEX(6): Cybersecurity 101/201/301
The Institutes(2): Ethics
Sophia(2): Essentials of Managing Conflict, Dev. Effective Teams
NFA(1): Community Safety Education
GED(10): NAS-131, SOC-273, MAT-121, HUM-101 (1) Intro to Psych., Soc. Psych.-1, Growth & Dev. Psych., Personality Psych., History & Systems of Psych., Org. Theory, Library Science, Comm. at Workplace, Intro to World Religion, I/O Psychology, Ethics in Social Sciences. 
Saylor (6): Intro. to Molecular & Cellular Biology, Comparative Politics. 
TESU (1): Cornerstone

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