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New Paper Policy for SDC??
(11-30-2020, 04:33 PM)zilla Wrote: Thanks for sharing Dorothy and BJ!

(11-30-2020, 12:51 AM)Dorothy44 Wrote: Things are taking so much longer @ SDC because we took the exam a week prior to starting the papers, and it still is not graded. 

I've found that they will no longer grade your tests unless the paper is submitted. If it is a course with multiple papers, I am not sure if it means submitting all 3 papers or not. But yeah, I had one of mine sitting ungraded for nearly a month and once I submitted a paper (still waiting for the grade), they graded by final right away and had a turn around time of about a day
I guess now they are just waiting for everything to be done before grading. I had not thought about that, but that now makes sense. The last course my sons did the papers first, and they took forever to grade, but when they took the test the paper was graded much faster.  I just did not put it all together.  I thought since I had two sons that they were just taking extra long to watch the test videos.  Smile

Big thanks to the person messaging me the link too.
Yayyyyyyy!!! SDC already graded the 1st paper from each of my sons!! That was fast! Thank you for the link again, and for all the information everyone!
Found this which when they graded papers might explain all the late grading everyone is experiencing...

"This score will not be visible in your account until after you have finished all assignments, you have taken the exam, and our team has reviewed your exam video."
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