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Questions regarding international admissions.
@kjhkjh2001, Basically, in short, don't skip out on transcripts... Here's my advice regarding transcripts, click the corresponding link within this post as well, it gives a good basic breakdown of why you want to get all transcripts evaluated, so get the high school, IB, college, university, institute, any possible foreign credits, etc evaluated:

Essentially... Do some researching by searching the board for posts and threads... Most of your questions will be answered in the link and the 'linked' post above, and here's a thread about the use of Duolingo plus other information, it's best to take your time reading the entire thread as it deals with "international admissions" questions:

Just for a few hundred dollars, you're putting more energy, money, time later on with an extra session that will cost you $1500 USD, by transferring as many credits as possible into the degree plan now and using that few hundred, will save you the headache - it's great ROI/Value in getting the transcripts evaluated, as it will eat away at the required credits, and also possibly shave an extra session off your total time needed to finish.

BTW, your cumulative GPA will be much better after you've gone to UMPI to finish the degree, you need at least 30 residency credits, it will significantly bump up your GPA if you take the time working towards completing assignments and assessments with a good work-ethic and by following rubrics along with other rules.  If you have questions, you should always follow up with the instructor and your academic advisor promptly.
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Duolinggo is surely can replace TOEFL at UMPI (I did).
I also use IEE to verify my high school and previous university transcript, no problem there.

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