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These 2 courses are recommended for upper level credit by ACE.  The TESU/ equivalency chart does not reflect this.  I've sent an email to TESU regarding these courses and how they should be evaluated as upper level credit.  I will let everyone know the response when I get one.
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good luck.  I'm hoping to hear that things have improved at TESU over the last two years.
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Just an FYI--I asked my TESU adviser about CS307 two months ago, and at the time, it had not been re-reviewed as UL. One month after, I followed up and they said it was still going to be considered LL, despite ACE's recommendation.
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Also these don't count toward computer science AOS
Actually, Comp Science 307 Software Engineering should go into the AOS as LL just fine. The Comp Science 310 comes in as a CMP-299 course, which technically, should still come in as an LL for CS/CIS majors. However, the two UL cybersecurity courses no longer come into the comp science program...
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Based on the ACE reviews/recommendations and TESU's outline of the CS degree both of these courses should work.
Software engineering especially which is blatantly stated in the CS degree AOS on TESU's website. It is also reviewed as upper level.

TESU decided to stop offering UL credit for courses that had LL ratings, which is fair. However, if you are going to make a standard of sticking to the ACE recommendation, that needs to be applied across the board.
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(09-09-2019, 03:43 PM)Salamander Wrote: Also these don't count toward computer science AOS

Where have you heard this?
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From TESU student support:

“According to our contract with we cannot award upper level credit for courses until January 1st of 2020. I also have been informed that the schools usually establish the equivalencies for the courses based on the course itself. This may differ from the ACE recommendation. The Heavin School has been e-mailed on your behalf regarding the 2 courses listed within your previous e-mail to see if they will be changed to Upper Level Credit as of January 1st of 2020.”

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