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Suggestion More Forums...
I recommend creating DSST, CLEP and Excelsior Forums in addition to General Education.

While this will require additional administration it will assist in keeping the same topics being repeated over and over again cluttering up the General area.
I concur. At least CLEP and DANTES.
Are you suggesting three separate forums for CLEP, Dantes, and Excelsior?

What to do with all of the existing posts? Just leave them in the General Education forum, or would this require reorganizing them all under their appropriate forums?
Yes, (i.e.

Create three Different 'Normal' Forums

Move 'posts' where they belong...

Since you will have a rotating culture here expect to have to move them.

As I said it will require admin.

But utilized properly, it should assist in getting the number of questions down to the same as on the test, with all test questions covered.
Thanks for the info Chris. I'll take a closer look at this over the weekend...
The forums could be sliced and diced any number of ways. Doesn't it really depend on the purpose of them? Chris M makes a point about the rotating audience, so even if the forums are sliced up, people will still rehash the same ol stuff.
Maybe it's as simple as adding a statement to newbies to read through the threads before posting. Most of us that are regularly on, stay pretty current and we're really the only ones who see all the re-hashing.
And I've seen there's a strong sense of community here, people will redirect others to where the information is. :p

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