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Suggestion: Review Discount
I recommend offering a discount for people review questions after taking the test. I took "Rise and Fall of Soviet Union" provided some feedback but there is no reason for me to go back and review the questions.

While I believe that this forum would be an improper place, an email review to the site admin with "yes, no, don’t remember," and additional questions could greatly increase accuracy of this site.
Actually, I have been bouncing around in my mind some ideas, trying to figure out if there's any way to get more input and direct participation in the content of this site from some of the more "dedicated" members... even if it meant offering compensation for their time.

i.e. the ultimate expression of this idea might even be having a section of "extra" fill-in-the-blank questions that have been recommended and submitted by trusted members.

The question is, how to maintain and verify the quality of what members are submitting, and how to make sure we're paying them for relevant and original content they came up with instead of some garbage they made up or even worse--plagiarized text... Also, we'd need to maintain the integrity of the site and make sure we're posting valid study material, not questions off the test.

Or maybe I'm making things too complicated here. Help me out if you've got some concrete ideas of what you have in mind. I'd love to make this website more "organic".
I think your making it way to complicated….

You can offer a discount on next months membership for a review of an exam.

Discount could be based on input provided and number of exams review per month.

Right now you know you have lots of information not on the test and areas tested not covered.

You should find yourself in the beginning giving lots of discounts for honest reviews that improve your material.

As your information becomes more accurate the reviews will not improve your material greatly.

Over time you should get a good feel for good reviews and if you catch one of them… might even want to award them free access for the next month.

As to how… Keep it simple… have them email you the review.

The review should be formatted in Subject, Topic, and Question.
For each question answer: Yes, No, DK (Don’t know) and feel free to comment.

Adding questions and topic areas tested but not covered gives an extra % on next months discount.

Now as for how to implement the discount… I don’t have a clue.

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