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TESC BA Math AOS electives
Question for someone familiar with the TESC BA Math. Did a quick search but didn't find an answer.

According to the TESC website:
"Note: The following courses are examples of the types of mathematics courses that CANNOT be used in the mathematics area of study: college algebra, finite math, precalculus, trigonometry. These courses are not advanced level mathematics courses."

However, when I run an Academic Evaluation for BA Math, it places both my College Math and College Algebra CLEPS under part "E" (area of study electives) showing "Group 2" as complete (screen shot attached).

So, I'm a little confused. Which is it? Glitch with the eval, or do they count?

Some recent changes in my life have made it such that I'm not in as big a rush as I had been to finish my BA, so I'm tossing around the idea of taking a little extra time to complete a full-on Math degree rather than the NatSci/Math.


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Its probably an error. I recommend confirming the placement with the registrar. The last thing you want is to be done and apply for graduation only for the registrar to tell you that you still need 9 more credits.
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I agree with Prloko. I haven't gone to TESC but I am finishing a math major at Excelsior and was a math major at Rutgers, and checked out a lot of different schools' math majors along the way. I have never seen a school that would let you use college algebra and/or college math towards the major. Free/general elective, sure. But not the major. Basically the traditionally lowest ranking math that begins to "count" towards the major is calc1.
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That's exactly what I was thinking. I was shocked to see those credits applied there. I just wanted to double check with people here to see if anyone else had experienced this.

This has me wondering what similar errors there may be in how the eval shows credits applied to my NatSci/Math plan, or on anyone's plan in any major for that matter.
It's actually the software which has a reputation for course placement/sorting errors. The software simply reads MAT and places the courses in the area that best fits. Follow the published rules for your degree plan. Once you start taking the advanced math courses they will fill the area of study(AOS) and bounce the lower level courses out. The simplest way to handle this now is to make a phone appointment with advising (or send an email) to plan the courses you will take in your concentration/AOS. They can also manually move those lower courses out of the AOS so it will not distract you.

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