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TESC BA Psychology
I thought the Psychology degree was being done away with at TESC and they were going to be naming it something else, no longer allowing it to be listed as Psychology on the degree? However, I see on the TESC website that it is still listed as BA Psychology. Does anyone have an update on this? Whats the latest news with this?

Have approx. 14 classes left....

TESU made changes to the BA in liberal studies. TESU offers a BA in liberal studies with a concentration in psychology. It looks like the BA in psychology is still available and is listed on their website. TESU did away with the BA in Social Sciences. It is now BALS with concentration in social sciences. The BA in psychology had major changes last year with course requirements.
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TECEP: Marriage and Family, Abnormal Psy, Intro to Soc, Psy of Women, Public Relations, Computer Concepts and Applications, Liberal Arts Math
ECE: Cultural Diversity, Juvenile Delinquency, Workplace Communications, Business Information Systems
DSST: Criminal Justice, Principles of Supervision, Substance Abuse
PF: Principles of Loss Prevention, White Collar Crime, Criminal Law
Propero: Victimology, Criminology, Intro to Homeland Security, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice Ethics
The Institutes: Ethics Course
AP: American History
FHSU: Justice in the Information Age
NOCTI Business Solutions: Protective Services, Security and Protective Services
Schmoop: Drugs in Lit
I see, thank you. TESC has made so many big changes through the years that it makes me really nervous to pursue a degree with them.

Have approx. 14 classes left....

If you get your catalog locked in it won't matter if they make changes. Get an evaluation done and take a TECEP to lock in your catalog and you won't have to worry about it if they make changes. However if you are only 14 courses away you can do that in 6 months or less. I only needed 14 courses and did more than that in 12 weeks and then the capstone in the last 12 weeks.
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I agree...just apply and have your eval done. then you're locked into the catalog as it is the day you enrolled. As long as you take ONE course/test a year with TESU, you'll be fine.

I locked into the BA Psych in the 2015 catalog and they didnt change anything on my list when they made changes to the 2016 catalog.
You might want to just email them and see what they say about the UL credits from and if the transfer links are correct.
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