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TESC Degree Help!!!
Hello everyone.

I am looking into getting my B.S.B.A at TESC. I am trying to make a list of CLEP/DSST exams I can take based on their credit distribution requirements.

The have on their 2007/2008 catalog the following:

Humanities 12 credits
1. Managerial or Business Communications (3)
2. Other Humanities (9)

-must include at least two subject areas.

My question is what CLEP/DSST exams can I take for the Managerial/Business Comm Requirement. And two, is there anyway I can meet the 12 credit requirement with just 2 tests instead of 3?

I haven't decided which 6 credit Humanities CLEP I want to take yet, but based on the advice people have provided on here, it sounds like A & I Lit would be the best choice. That means I still need 6 more credits. But if its mandatory that I take Man or Bus. Communications (which is only 3 credits), I still need another 3 credit CLEP/DSST. What should I do?

I also need help with the Natural Science/Math portion too.

The have on their 2007/2008 catalog the following:

Natural Sciences and Mathematics 9 credits
1. Precalculus Math or Quantitative Business Analysis (3)
2. Principles of Statistics (3)
3. Other Natural Sciences (3)
-must include at least two subject areas-

Now I know their is a Statistics DSST, so thats not a problem. I couldn't tell on the website if they count College Algebra CLEP as the math requirement or if it definitely has to be precal. Is quantitative business analysis easier than precal or about the same? And last...what should I take for the last 3 credits in this category? Mind you I'm not a huge science fan so make sure you pick the easiest natural sciences you can!!

Sorry for the long post here guys, but I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a solid game plan here. Thanks guys are great and I love this site!!!!!

From a loyal degree seeker,

Hi Marshall:

I'm afraid you have to take either Business or Managerial Communications for those credits...there is no test that matches up. I seem to recall someone on the TESC DB way back when asking about the College Algebra CLEP in place of Pre-Calc and it was a no-go.

I, too, am not a fan of Science...nor of I took Meteorology at my local CC to cover those 3 credits.

Sorry I couldn't provide more positive news...
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Thomas Edison offers an on-line class called "Managerial Communications" -- it's kinda expensive (and so is the book) -- but-- you're just going to have to do it. The on-line class is very doable -- and there's a proctored exam at the end of the semester.

You're going to need to take Precalculus, Statistics, -- and EITHER Biology or the Natural Science exam. You can look at my signature to see the list of tests I used to fulfill the B.S.B.A from Thomas Edison so far. (I still have to take Statistics, Precalculus, Money and Banking, Finance, Business in Society, and Business Policy to finish up my degree. The last 2 tests are TECEP tests through Thomas Edison)

As for Business / Managerial Communications myself and some others have found a corresponding course at a CC that TESC took for this requirement. If you live in VA Tidewater Community College (and many others in the VCCS system) offers AST 205 Business Communications. Heck of a lot cheaper than TESC's course.
I m edumakated thanx to distunce lerning.

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