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[TESU] Academic Evaluation turn-around time
dfrecore Wrote:And, I think you should be prepared for your catalog to change. Mine certainly did when I came back. But if you end up with 2014, then good for you!

Mine did too -- after my TECEP started and I finally got them to change me to enrolled status.
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Related question, TESU shows that they received my transcript from a university I attended but I haven't sent the ACE transcript yet. I was holding off on the ACE until I finished up more classes. I also need to see how TESU evaluates a few of the courses I took at the local University before I know what I need to finish up. Will they evaluate the transcript they've already received or will they wait until I send ACE? Worst case I just send ACE now and again later but I was trying to avoid an extra fee.
They'll evaluate what they already have.
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dfrecore Wrote:They say on the website 25 business days, and I have found that to be the case the last couple of times they updated my eval. EXACTLY 25 business days. It's like they COULD do it in 1 day, but they put your file in the "25th business day from today" pile, and process it then. Not sure what that's all about.

You say that you're an applicant with a 2014 catalog, but I don't think that's possible. Are you saying you're still that, or you were that previously? Because you can't stay in applicant status forever, you have to enroll within a year by either taking a course or TECEP. If you haven't done that, then I don't think you'll still be on the 2014 catalog when they update your file. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure they will update your file; I would think that they would make you reapply and you'll be under the current 2016/17 catalog when that happens. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

Hey it's possible, i'm still in the 2014 catalog year as well. You keep renewing before the one year point comes around.
keymommy2000 Wrote:Hey it's possible, i'm still in the 2014 catalog year as well. You keep renewing before the one year point comes around.

I assume you keep taking a TECEP for enrollment purposes? I should have done that a year ago instead of this year, so many changes taking place at TESU, kind of getting me frustrated. Onward I tread! Until I get that degree! (Swings out credit card).
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TrailRunr Wrote:If you get your ACE and SL credits posted to the eval without the catalog changing, thank your favorite deity and lucky stars.

If you were a true new applicant, you would not see any eval at all until 5 or 6 weeks after they receive transcripts. I suspect TESU hasn't got around to manually updating your last eval from 2014 and giving you the 2016 or 2017 catalog because they are super slow. Registering for a course and having it show up on your old eval is an automatic process that should not be seen as a sign of good news.

I forgot to update this thread. After I was enrolled and even after my evaluation update, I was still kept on the 2014 catalog. I'm sure it's because I e-mailed the Bursar department and asked if I could be kept on there. Smile

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