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TESU Accounting Degree classes
I finally decided to take the plunge with TESU and go for an Accounting degree with them. One reason for this, apart from being quicker then the local State University, is that when its all said and done I will also get an Associate's degree in Electronics Studies due to my Navy Schooling. I would need to take 3 more units plus the Associate's capstone. 
I'm almost done with an Associate's in Business Administration through a local CC. I just need College Algebra and Statistics to get it. 
I'm thinking to take the 16 required units TESU so that I do't have to pay the residency waiver fee. My job is gong to pick up the tab up to $2,500 per year. I'm thinking about taking 6 units before the end of the year, six units next year and the rest the following year. I should be hopefully graduating sometime in 2021

I've also taken a lot of community college classes and I'm at 70 credits. I know TESU has a limit of 80 credits. 
I need to take 12 units through TESU (not including the capstone and cornerstone). I'm thinking about taking the Accounting classes through TESU but I also need to take some easier ones. I work full time and I'm a bit hesitant to take on too much.  My question is for anyone who has taken classes through TESU. How intense are they? 
My two Accounting classes were a bit intense, lots of homework and tough tests. I got a B and an A. Can anyone chime in?
I've attached a modified excel file that member dfrecore (thanks for that it has helped a lot) put together awhile back when I first inquired. I've put the classes that I've taken and some that I need after TESU did my academic evaluation. Thanks for any input.

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.xlsx   rustydroid TESU BSBA Accounting.xlsx (Size: 36.95 KB / Downloads: 8)
So for the business core class none of them have to be UL they can be but they don't have to. Only the ones in the accounting AOS must be UL.

If you are looking to save money and time just take the following courses at TESU:

3 credits in electronics for electronics associate
3 credits associates capstone
3 credits sos-110 (which by the way counts for info lit requirement not a gen ed elective)
3 credits business capstone
4 to 6 additional credits at TESU to equal 16 (your choice could be accounting or something else if you'd like)

If I were you I'd transfer in the rest via CLEP, and your CC. If you do this you won't have the pay residency wavier because you would have the 16 credit requirement met. If you wish to take more courses at TESU you can but you don't have to.

You could actually be done well before 2021 if you wanted to:
Before the end of the year: 6 credits (2 courses)
Jan-Mar: 6 credits (2 courses)
April-June: 6 credits (2 courses)
Graduate September 2020
You could even graduate in June 2020 if you started classes now.

Sorry I don't know anything about the accounting courses.
Earned: AA, AAS, AGS
Goal: Bachelors Degree by end of 2019
I took Intermediate I as an OL course through TESU and it was tough. After that experience, I decided to take Intermediate II through a local community college. Got a better grade when I was in a classroom. Cheaper too. The rest of my accounting AOS credits were through portfolio evaluations, plus one TECEP (Individual Tax). Generally, I REALLY disliked the OL format at TESU. Maybe it's different now, as I graduated almost three years ago.

I looked at your Excel file. If you want to be a CPA, I recommend taking the AOS accounting courses in an actual class, not through or other providers like that. I just don't think those courses are rigorous enough to help with passing the CPA exams.

Best of luck!
BSBA/Accounting TESU (2016). MSAcc UIUC (2018).

Need help with portfolios? I earned 18 credits at TESU through portfolio evaluations. Nine of those were for upper level accounting courses. My advice for PLA/portfolios: TESU portfolio tips The first post has the Portfolio Checklist I created. Page ten has the actual narrative I wrote to receive credit for ACC-440.

Using Straighterline's Financial Accounting as a substitute for Intermediate Accounting I at TESU? Don't do it if you are an accounting major! Read more here: Intermediate Accounting II

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