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TESU UL class options
I just need any 5 Upper Level psychology/social science courses to be able to transfer (and take the capstone) to get my Bachelors from TESU.

I've used straighterline and LOVE the format (mostly becausepassing or failing isn't reliant based on one test but quizzes and a final or paper) but SL classes arent Upper Levels Sad

I have heard of and coopersmith having UL courses but my goal is to complete these classes as fast as I can an get my degree.  So my question is what is the fastest way to complete these courses and what alternative credit provider should I use?

Cooper Smith is my personal favorite and where my UL courses came from but they rely on one test. However, you are provided every single piece of info in the PowerPoint crash course that you need to pass the exam. Foundations of Stress Mgmt and Drugs, Society and Human Behavior were my favorite and TEEX has Death Investigation class for, I think $75. The Coopersmith courses are $150 and then you pay a proctor fee. They’re great if you can memorize and pass. I use the ppt slides as flash cards.

Hope that helps!
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StraighterLine (33): Intro to Rel, Intro to CJ, US Hist I/II, Amer Govt, Western Civ I/II, Intro to Env Sci, IT Fund, Cult Anthropology, Pharmacology
Sophia (10): Dev Effective Teams, Visual Comm, Conflict Resolution, Human Biology
SHU and GCU (26): Prin of Soc, Prin of Psych, Ethics, Logic, Prin of Econ, Mgmt Info Sys, Univ Success, 21st Century Comm, Info Lit
TEEX (6): Death Investigation (UL); Foundations of Fingerprint Comparison
Coopersmith UL (12): Drugs, Society and Human Behavior, Foundations of Stress Mgmt, Sport & Exercise Psychology, Substance Abuse Counseling Affiliate ID: 196
CSMLearn (3)
TESU (6): SOS-110, Capstone (IP)
You must take the TEEX Death Investigation course, it's such an awesome course for $75 UL that can be used in your BALS Social Science AOS. I also highly recommend taking the HIS108 LL and HIS308 UL as there is so much overlap, you can practically finish these courses in a long weekend. You can check for courses from TESU that are listed as Social Science here:

Since you're looking at UL, there are some HIS/PSYCH/Sociology courses at that come in as UL, I would check out the list on their transfer page here: or here:
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go here

scroll down
there are some upper level psychology exams

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