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Uber and ASU to pay for college
But the fact that this one is allowed to be used on other family members is what makes it stand out. If a guy comes to this country, and can't get a great "regular" job, and ends up at Uber, he could easily get free college. Except that if you're driving for Uber full-time as your main job, I'm guessing that your child/spouse is going to qualify for a lot of other "free" stuff like Pell grants and needs-based scholarships.

But I still like the opportunity being available.
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(11-04-2018, 05:26 PM)MNomadic Wrote:
(11-04-2018, 05:04 PM)cookderosa Wrote: There are free tuition programs for days- but like this one, there are always requirements that make it appeal to only the most motivated person.  Still, I say "bring it on" the more programs like this, the better imo.

Absolutely! I agree that it's great to have more options out there(even if some are pretty limited).
Slightly unrelated:
I think the country has been focusing WAY too hard on specifically bachelor's degrees. For some students who either aren't strong academically or are not interested in college related fields there are so many missed opportunities for great training in various trades and technical/vocational programs which can lead to great careers. So many people who just aren't meant to pursue college for different reasons get stuck in dead end jobs and dead end lives because there isn't much  awareness for other opportunities.

That's what the TAACCCT Grant is for. It mainly goes to community colleges for locals. There's also Job Corps for people ages 16-24. Having worked in a vo-tech school and being familiar with Job Corps, I can tell you that the dropout rates can still be high for those who can't read and write well. There are also behavioral and motivation issues. 

My educated guess is that around 90% or more of female students will choose a low-paying field such as CNA, medical assistant, or something related to CJ (Job Corps has a security program that's popular with women). Very few girls want to take up the higher-paying construction trades such as electrical or welding.

Related to Natshar's post, if I worked in HR or owned a company and had to pick one school to deal with, it would definitely be ASU. It has a good reputation, but isn't extremely difficult to get into. They also have the best selection of online, undergraduate programs I've ever seen.
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