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University of Alabama - Online Degree Completion (45 ACE credits, $375 per credit)
Hmm. I'm a Southerner, too, and my preference would be for the school where I would get the best education.
(09-23-2020, 06:41 AM)LongRoad Wrote: Hmm. I'm a Southerner, too, and my preference would be for the school where I would get the best education.

That's awesome, that would be high on my list, but not the only thing.
AA, Business Administration- San Jacinto College

Bachelor 1 (interests- humanities, lit, history, social science)
Bachelor 2 (interests- comp sci, ag, finance, biology)

Credits (139) 
RA (104): university (50) / junior college (39) / community college (15)
ACE (35): Sophia (17) / Study (13) / TEEX (3) / Institutes (2)
You know, I watched a Harvard webinar recently. The one big takeaway I got from it was the expert speaker said (paraphrasing), "One thing you should understand about any school is that all schools are regional. Even the big brands. Sure a big brand school like Stanford still has brand value if you plan on living and starting your career in Florida. But a lot of the regional connections, the alumni network connections, and the career resources are concentrated out west and not as concentrated in Florida the way a Florida school's resources would be. That's not to say you shouldn't go to Stanford if you plan on living in Florida. Just that it's a factor to be aware of."

So if you're living in a Southern state like Missisippi, Alabama, Tennessee... But you didn't go to a school in the South, you do miss out on some of those resources/connections. And you also lose out on reliability. When co-workers get into office jokes or teasing or anticipation or shared-experiences about something like an in-state football rivalry or a conference rivalry, you're sort of left out of a lot of that stuff. There are social aspects to it. Those may or may not be important to you personally. But they are often important to the cultures of the folks in places you might find yourself working at.

So while I earlier said that Alabama was not known outside of the region except for football, I was mostly joking. But all the above stuff I mentioned is what I was really getting at behind the joke. If you live in the South, you might well get more mileage out of a Bama By Distance degree than an out-of-region degree if you apply a little social engineering.

Maybe not as much if you live in Seattle.

Just some observations from personal experience. Your mileage may vary. I always say ultimately do what's most fulfilling. You only live once.
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Here's a new link to their website:

Tuition info:

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