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University of Wisconsin–Madison has some online Bach. Degree programs.
I feel like you also aren’t likely to get an interview from a company that doesn’t want to hire people with online degrees. If it is really obvious you did it online—you were working full-time in one state and got your degree at that time from a school hundreds of miles away, for instance, it should be pretty obvious that you did your degree online.

If an interviewer really gave me grief about having on online/distance degree, I feel like I would turn it around on the interviewer/employer: “I live in (not Maine, far from Maine), have been working 40+ hours per week in (not Maine, far from Maine) and have a degree from UMPI.  If my distance degree is such a big deal for you, I would recommend that you hire better people to review applications. Clearly, the people who review applications and resumes for your organization do not understand your hiring priorities. They are, apparently, wasting your time, my time, and your company’s time. That is obvious to me. Respectfully, it appears from my side of the table that you need me a WHOLE LOT more than I need your job.”  I am a little too honest and blunt for my own good.
B&M: BA (history, archaeology)
B&M: MA (American history)

In progress:
UMPI: BA-Business Administration (accounting concentration, management and leadership concentration concentration, educational studies minor)

Sophia: 15 courses (42hrs)
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(03-30-2021, 12:10 PM)nomaduser Wrote: $675 x 120 = $81,000 USD.
That's way too much for an online degree.

I had experimented with my online degree and most of employers just see it as a certificate rather than a full degree lol
Maybe it will be different when you apply to a large corporation with 200+ employees. They may not care if ti's online or not.

huh, how old r u? like 22 and just out of college? 

i'm living overseas and all the jobs i've applied for in the states and everywhere else around the world never asked if my degree was an 'online degree'. 

if you're a working adult, ur focus on ur CV/Interview ought to be the work experience. that degree should just be a tick in the box that does not even need to be mentioned.

(03-30-2021, 09:07 AM)rachel83az Wrote: Tuition is $675/credit. I don't think they accept any alternate credit, even CLEP exams.

they would accept buckets load of money though

Big Grin
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