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Upper Level Liberal Arts
I have 4 upper level liberal arts classes and 5 general electives to complete my BALS. Other than the SOS-110 and Capstone. I am thinking of taking the Upper level courses before the electives, because if I get a D in a course, it would still count as an elective, although not toward the upper level liberal requirement, which would need a C. I of course hope, I will pass them all. Does this sound reasonable and anyone have recommendation for UL liberal arts courses.
Where do you take these courses? TESU? Another provider?
Are you open to tests? All my upper level liberal studies are from DSSTs (4 out of 5 - hoping to do the last as a TECEP.)
Sorry. I guess I assumed since I am going to TESU. everyone else would know that, duh me. I wouldn't mind doing all 4 UL online for 12 credits matched with capstone and SOS to get 18 total and avoid the 2800 dollar fee. I am a cash student so cheapest I will get is the 2 mandos and 2800 that come out to about 5800. Of course, that's a lot less than 9000 for 18 credits. I use , but not sure I can score 4 UL liberal arts from them to satisfy TESU.
Found alot of information by just communicating with Thomas Edison Advisor. Transferred in 61 credits a few months ago, since I used to Complete ENC101,ENC102, SOC101, STA202, TECEP for HIS126 using prep course, TECEP PHI130 using Thomas Edison own course material, TECEP ETH210 using Saylor for prep, cruising with 6 electives 4 upper levels to go. Currently enrolled HUM101, BIO101, PSY101. Found looking around here is a bit like chasing your tail, just call your school get it right from the source.
IDK if this is an option for you but I love Coopersmith UL courses. Study and pass. No books necessary. They give you everything you need in a PowerPoint.

In my signature you will see what I've taken and I have 2 more on deck. They've become my favorite provider.
TESU BALS March 2020! (24): Eng Comp I & II, Pres Skills in the Workplace, Prin of Supervision, Personal Finance, Here's to Your Health, Prin of Mgmt, Tech in the Classroom
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Sophia (10): Dev Effective Teams, Visual Comm, Conflict Resolution, Human Biology
SHU and GCU (26): Prin of Soc, Prin of Psych, Ethics, Logic, Prin of Econ, Mgmt Info Sys, Univ Success, 21st Century Comm, Info Lit
TEEX (6): Death Investigation (UL); Foundations of Fingerprint Comparison
Coopersmith UL (12): Drugs, Society and Human Behavior, Foundations of Stress Mgmt, Sport & Exercise Psychology, Substance Abuse Counseling Affiliate ID: 196
CSMLearn (3)
TESU (6): SOS-110, Capstone (IP)
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Yes, I would do the UL courses/exams first, I advise leaving free electives until last for just that reason you listed. has MANY UL courses you can use for the BALS AOS. Tons.
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