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Walden Universtiy, opinions?
sanantone Wrote:Walden University is expensive. Here are some more online programs.
Online Masters in Forensic Psychology Programs
Online Forensic Psychology Master Degree Programs

University of North Dakota looks the most appealing, in my opinion.

UND does look good. Plus the online tuition is the "same as in-state" (+$100/unit online fee). Definitely adding that to the short list.

KayV Wrote:University of Louisiana-Monroe has an MS in Psychology with a Forensic track:
Master of Arts in Psychology (MA) | ULM University of Louisiana at Monroe

Thanks. Didn't know they had a Forensic track. Like UND I appreciate that it is a B&M state school as well.
MisterE Wrote:Thanks. Didn't know they had a Forensic track. Like UND I appreciate that it is a B&M state school as well.

I agree with everyone else. Walden has its purpose; which is usually PhD programs for school teachers. But outside of that, I'm not too keen on the prospects of the school.
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