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Which school accepts the most transfer credits?
I was just wondering, out of these two schools which one accepts the most credits? I have about 60-70 credits from Military Training in the field of Meteorology, around 55-60 from Clep and Dante tests and around 20 from traditional college.

I was wondering which would accept the most and roughly how many upper level classes would I need to earn a degree. In terms of field, I am honestly looking for the easiest degree to obtain with the credits I already have. Also roughly how many extra classes would I need to take with the schools.

Thank you so much for your input.
Cleps Passed: (36) English Comp w/essay, Freshman Comp, A & I Lit, Princ of Management, , College Math, Humanities, US History 1 and US History 2, Marketing

Dantes Passed: (48) Astronomy, Supervision, Bus. Math, Intro to Bus, Human Resource Management, Ethics in America, Tech Writing, Intro to Computing, World Religions, Personal Finance, Intro to LE, Org Behavior, Environment & Humanity, Here's to your Health and Criminal Justice.

Traditional: (43)

FEMA: (13)

Military: (70+)
Both TESC and Excelsior allow you to transfer in 100 percent of the degree requirements. If you initial evaluation shows, that
you're done, well, you're done - enroll, wait for the official evaluation then pay the graduation fee..

It is possible that you are totally done at TESC. Take a look at the website below and see how your military credit will be counted.

ACE Military Guide | Search Occupations

Excelsior is going to require their exam for the Written English, info literacy, and the research in the major requirements. And there is the question of 30 hours upper level (300-400 level courses).

TESC treats 200-level and above courses as upper-level.

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