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World History TECEP Review
I've posted on several places asking about the World History TECEP. No one seems to have taken it. I just took it and got an unofficial score of 84%. (a 65% is required for credit). I started out using Saylor as a way to prepare, as it was the first recommended option from TESU. I think it would take me all 12 weeks, if not longer to read/listen to all the varied material on Saylor. It was very disjointed and difficult. I used the TECEP study course on as my main study source. It took me about a month of about 1-2 hours a day (not on weekends) to prepare. I did all the quizzes on and all the tests---some a few times as review. I also used the review tests from Saylor and the Saylor final (which I took twice and had a different test each time) to review. I used some of the Saylor material to fill in things that I didn't learn from

I took the test today. You are given 2 hours. It took me about 45 minutes. I thought it was rather difficult. There were a lot of questions that were not covered in anything I saw on Saylor or The questions were very tricky and didn't really cover all time periods that they said they would cover. I guessed on a lot more than I had hoped. But, it is doable --but the questions were very rarely straightforward. I guess in the end, Saylor and did prepare me, since I passed. So, if anyone needs a cheaper history course and either has a good understanding of world history (1600 to present) or is willing to put in more than a week or so of studying, the World History TECEP is very doable.

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