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finally picked a school!
And the winner is...Thomas Edison State College.

I love COSC. But after getting evaluations from all of the big 3, I chose tesc for some very practical reasons: tesc takes more pla portfolio credits from learning counts, they have a commencement ceremony later this year that I would be able to participate in (my own personal thing that's important to me), their customer service (so far) isn't horrendous like I expected, no science with lab, least amount of upper level credits required, no classes for associate in arts degree, only one class required for bachelor's.

This process is confusing as all get out but people here are kind enough to share their stories, triumphs, tribulations, questions, and advice. Thanks, everyone, for helping get from zero to sixty (credits) since I made my cheesy New Year's resolution a few months ago. And thank u in advance for your help with my crazy questions and ideas as I make my way through the rest of the journey.

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