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how to study using instantcert?
EI2HCB Wrote:Derek
Welcome back to the forum
Typing out the answer is the way its set up, but the real ore is mined by the surrounding text. So the most successful here have skipped typing the answer and read the data and then clicked the next button which displays the correct answer so that you can absorb the material. They progress through the flashcards this way and don't worry about their typing speed (or in my case spelling) Most people don't worry about the scores they achieve but rather the information they absorb. Make sure you also access the exam specific feedback forum only available to paying Instantcert members it has a vast repository of information on most of the exams too.

I'm an audio learner so I'll record the main points and listen while driving or in the shower or where ever I have a moment.hilarious

This is the way I do it. It is true that most of the important information is in the surrounding text. The one word they blank out is really not all that important. Also, pay close attention to the explanations.
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I am finding it useful to type the answers that I think I know on subjects where I have some prior knowledge. I work in IT Desktop Support, so it's useful for me to test my existing knowledge on the Intro to Computers DSST prep. (I get about 65-80% on my first run through).

I also have quite a bit of knowledge about health and nutrition, so I plan to do the same for the "Here's to Your Health" DSST Prep.

So that's my strategy for these "prior knowledge" subjects. For things I know less about, like Statistics, I'll be reading the flash-cards, using the feedback forums, and using other online sources for additional information.
As Acras, pointed out you should build on your prior knowledge as that way you'll feel like you made progress. Some Flashcard banks are fairly large and contain a significant portion of information. U.S History II is one such collection. Since I didn't attend an American High school I have limited knowledge of American history. Set small goals by focusing on sections you need to learn, once accomplished move on to the next section. This way you can measure your progress while attaining a sense of achievement. I set a series of goals that will lead me to the end result. Being able to access all the material before the test date and to review it a few times before the exam is my end goal on this project. The steps include a few videos a day, some text reading and note taking and then a section of flashcards for at least 30 minutes a day for the month.
Don't forget that gaining college credit by taking exams is one of the reason's we're here. That's mainly possible through the flashcards made available by the owner of this forum : InstantCert Plus of course your hard work in learning and reviewing
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DSST: Biz ethics & s 450, Art WW 424
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How do you go back through the flashcard without them saying right or wrong? Also is there a way to make all the flashcards multiple choice?


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