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Advice needed, making time for uni work.
I thought I would just give an update on this whole situation:

As for my studies... I am progressing, but very slowly. Maybe 1-2 classes/courses a month, definitely not at the pace I want to be but it is what it is.

I'm still working for that same logistics company, I've been promoted to a normal level Systems Analyst (from Jr. Systems Analyst). I've received a decent increase and am financially not as strained as I was. I've been building quite the reputation for myself within the market that I work in. The CEO of the company has even approached me and offered me 5% shares in the holding company, with the stipulations being I would have to stay in South Africa for as long as the company's head office stays in the country. (I declined, because my dream is to move overseas, however they assured me I will always have a place within the company if I one day decided to come back and settle within the country.) They have however, promised to relocate me to the Cape Town branch before the end of the year, which is something I'm very excited about.

As for my own educational company, I've started tutoring more students per class, which has been great for me financially. I'm currently at full capacity, with no real desire grow past this point as I don't plan on doing it long term.

Lastly, for the company we would have started with the CEO, IT director and myself. That project has been a standstill, since we've been growing quite rapidly in the company and we haven't had time to actually put any energy towards it.

I have gone to my superiors however and told them about my struggles with balancing my work/school life and we have come to agreement.

From the 1st of July my working hours will be adjusted to 7am-1pm, with no salary cut. This will give me a lot more time to focus on my studies and hopefully get back on track with some type of "schedule".

Despite things going well, I'm still considering moving abroad within the year to teach English. I wouldn't even have considered this if it were not for the current state of South Africa's economy. I still have to be smart and think of my future. There's no point in growing within a company or even building a reputation for myself, considering it may just as easily crumble with this country's economy.
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Nothing wrong with that pace. Keep it up, and you will graduate. Work experience is valuable, too. I also disagree with your assertion that there's no point in growing with your company or building a reputation. Strong companies survive bad economic times, sometimes they even thrive. Also, your reputation is useful even if your company or job "crumbles", whether for new work in country, school admittance, or emigration.
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(06-05-2023, 11:18 AM)davewill Wrote: Nothing wrong with that pace. Keep it up, and you will graduate. Work experience is valuable, too. I also disagree with your assertion that there's no point in growing with your company or building a reputation. Strong companies survive bad economic times, sometimes they even thrive. Also, your reputation is useful even if your company or job "crumbles", whether for new work in country, school admittance, or emigration.

Agreed.  I would say that when economic times are hard, that might be THE time when what you're doing pays off.  It might not be, but you don't have to decide now.  Continue on with your studies at a slower pace than you'd planned, you're doing just fine.
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(03-23-2023, 01:04 PM)Personherebb9 Wrote: Hi all, haven't posted in a while.

As you might be aware, I graduated high school last year and started my job as well as my uni journey this year and I kind of just wanted to make a rant/advice post on my current situation.

I've been finding it very difficult to focus on my studies since starting my job.

Just a refresher, I moved into a new apartment the end of December, then I started my job as a systems analyst on the 9th of Jan this year. I initially gave myself January "off" to focus on my job, so that I could build a respectable reputation for myself within the company, especially considering my age. I was well received and so far I've been having a decent-to-great time at work.

Since then I've also registered my own company, which is an educational company where I do consulting and specialized tutoring (kids with dyslexia/learning disabilities) both online and in-person, as I have my boss' permission to use our training center as a tutoring center for as long as I work there. (After-hours of course). My full-time job is from 7am-4pm. I usually "run" my business after-hours.

On top of this our CEO, IT Director and I are busy with registering ANOTHER separate company (equal 3 way "shares" 33.33%), for an app that were busy working on that we expect could do very very well in our market. 

Most days I only get "home" around 7:30-8:00. By the time I'm done making food, cleaning my flat, making my dog's food, night-time routine (shower, etc.) its already 10/11. Considering I wake up at 5AM, I can't afford to put even just another hour of uni work within my days schedule. I can honestly say that in the last three months, I haven't even gotten the chance to watch a single episode of any of my series', because I genuinely just don't have the time to.

I just don't know what to do. I think the part that honestly BREAKS me the most is the fact that I'm putting my ALL into this. Literally everything I have and I literally get paid less in an entire year compared to an American 16 year old working as a waiter in some random restaurant. 

The hard reality is that even if I put my all into this, I'll never make enough money to even just go outside of my country. I physically could never be able to afford an average "American life". It's just really demotivating if I'm being honest.

Anyways, if you have literally any advice as to how I can focus more time on my uni work, I would love to here it. Because in the past 3 months, the only thing I've done is like 10% of a coursera course. 

At this point I'm honestly regretting the fact that I didn't just go to UCT. I feel like I'm wasting my life.
If I was in your shoes as a South African I would get a degree ASAP and try moving to CANADA or any other country thats easy to emigrate to. Most of the named problems would be solved and honestly I think as a South African you should manage moving to places like New Zealand and Australia easier.
OP, I just updated your thread here:
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