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Alternative Capstone - Academic Community Impact

Quote:-Are you interested in finishing your degree by taking a more hands-on capstone?
-Are you interested in finishing your degree by tackling real-world problems?
-Are you interested in networking with professionals? 
-Are you interested in making an impact on your community?
Consider taking a course with the Academic Community Impact (ACI) Program focused on connecting TESU students with local non-profits to deliver solution based projects and receive college credit while building your resume!
The Academic Community Impact (ACI)  Program has been working hard these past few months in preparing to launch this new educational experiences for TESU students. The ACI program has been preparing to focus on establishing offerings for our students with hands-on opportunities to engage with non-profit organizations and assist in solving real-world problems through their course work. Thanks to generous funding from a Provident Bank Foundation Signature Grant award, students will have the potential to engage in unique projects that organizations need help with. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Daniel Fidalgo Tomé at or explore our website to see what kind of projects you might be interested in working with.
Over the past few months, the Academic Community Impact Program has been working to engage members in the community, working closely with the Center for Learning and Technology and the Heavin School to introduce our first course – SOS 204 Academic Community Impact - Theory, Methods, and Practice. This course will be a foundational, introductory course for students to take if they are interested engaging in community-based learning.
The Academic Community Impact Program is focused on offering students hands-on opportunities to engage with non-profit organizations and assist in solving real-world problems through their course work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Daniel Fidalgo Tomé at or reference students to explore our website
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I was about to post this as I got the email too! It's a little confusing as it doesn't tell you which "degrees" this hands-on capstone applies to, the website link shows several non-profit organizations and another link for 3 sites for extra volunteer opportunities. I wonder if it would work if someone is currently employed at a non-profit organization that deals with charity work such as a food bank or something along those lines. Interesting concept, I guess we'll have to ask to find out more details on this new program... Let me email the person and ask...
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Just judging by the project descriptions for the various charities listed, it looks like it mainly applies to people going for some sort of teaching, art, or communications/English degree. Isles, Inc. has a project description that looks more suited to analytical (math, computer) degree programs. I have not looked at/read everything in-depth, though.
Wow! This looks exciting! Might be worth holding off on enrolling in the 'normal' capstone until more details about this one emerge.
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Wish I could have done that! Although, I was pretty happy with my capstone paper and believe it will be helpful information for non-profits.
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Wow this looks interesting! My first course at TESU begins next week so I hope more information comes out about this by the time I'm eligible to take the capstone course.
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This sounds way more interesting than a regular capstone. It's nice that an alternative is being made available. Hopefully more colleges and universities will take this approach in the near future.

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I wonder if this work as an alternative to BUS Capstone?
I hope I get to do ACI!
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So it sounds like you have to take the SOS-204 course and THEN you can take the hands-on capstone? So no cost savings there...
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