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CCAF is Ridiculous
CCAF is ridiculous and lame. One has to understand it history and its place in higher education to understand this.

CCAF began as a way to organize military training into college credits. Their first foray into this resulted in the CEC--Career Education Certificate. This was, in a word, underwhelming. It was, however, a precedent for the AAS that was soon to follow.

Still, CCAF had a hard time getting its credits and degrees accepted by other schools. It sought articulation agreements with some colleges and universities--but that was primarily for the AAS in Engineer Technology. Most other graduates were left out in the cold; left to negotiate individually. Needless to say, an AAS from CCAF didn't exactly thrill colleges; they tended to take such graduates on a credit-by-credit basis.

Nothing much has changed since then. But it could.

The CCAF could attempt to morph itself into the "College of the Air Force," awarding bachelor's degrees in a set number of fields. These degrees would be based upon a) technical school credits, some of which might be applied at the upper division level, b) college courses completed at colleges and universities (especially upper division courses), and c) nontraditional credits earned by the usual pathways.

But such a program would be dangerous. It would upset the status quo between enlisted personnel and officers. More and more NCOs and SNCOs would pursue and hold bachelor's degrees from the Air Force's own school. Second, it would see a surge of applicants interested in pursuing a commission via Officer Training School. 

AAS good. BS bad. But a CCAF (now CAF) BS would be legen...wait for it...dary.
I would rather have a CCAF AAS degree than any from a regular CC.  I wish the Army and FEMA had their own AAS degrees. Big Grin
Non-Traditional Undergraduate College Credits (634 SH): *FTCC Noncourse Credits (156 SH) *DSST (78 SH) *CPL (64 SH) *JST Military/ACE (48 SH) *CBA (44 SH) *CLEP (42 SH) *FEMA IS (40 SH) *FEMA EM (38 SH) *ECE/UExcel (30 SH) *PLA Portfolio (28 SH) *EMI/ACE (19 SH) *TEEX/ACE (16 SH) *CWE (11 SH) *NFA/ACE (10 SH) *Kaplan/ACE (3 SH) *CPC (2 SH) *AICP/ACE (2 SH) *Sophia/ACE (2 SH) and *FRTI-UM/ACE (1 SH).
Non-Traditional Graduate College Credits (14 SH): AMU (6 SH); NFHS (5 SH); and JSU (3 SH).

Weeellll... I think CCAF is a resource that doesn’t provide enough return to be viable. I’m Navy so maybe I’m biased buuttt 4 outta 5 US armed forces have an ACE evaluation and partnership with 2000+ schools. While CCAF might be RA that doesn’t mean it will net you anything as all students are A) are active or prior Air Force and 2) are required to go.

No diversity or choice makes it really sketchy to me.
(03-05-2018, 07:36 PM)22gunsonfire Wrote: While CCAF might be RA that doesn’t mean it will net you anything as all students are A) are active or prior Air Force and 2) are required to go.

What? This is not true.

Every active duty enlisted member is admitted to CCAF, and every one of them receives credits. But registration is voluntary and certainly not universal. They are not compelled to either register or to pursue a degree.

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