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ECE Exam Results How long to get them?
I just took my first ECE, it was HRM. I took the written version and I am enrolled as an Excelsior Student. How long will it be before I get the results????

It depends on where you are and how long it takes for the bubble sheets to be mailed in (I'm guessing we're talking about the paper/pencil exams). I'm in Cuba and on APO/AE mail system. It usually takes me about four weeks to see it.

On the other hand, I FEDEX'd a few off island and got the results posted on MYEC within a week. Usual turn-around time once they receive it tends to be four or five business days, though sometimes it's up to 2 weeks. Give them a call at the normal 800 number, and then press "6-1-1" for the testing center. (It's either that or 1-1-6, I can't remember) :p
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