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Embry Riddle ACE and CLEP articulation
Hi, I have searched and searched for an articulation guide for Embry Riddle U general education classes and have not found anything useful. What I am hoping to find is a guide that will show the Embry course (such as Eng 123 (an actual course)) and the corresponding course equivalent. Honestly though, I'm not sure it even exists. Thanks in advance.              Bob
My daughter attended Embry Riddle and we talked to them about all forms of alternative credit, and they were firm that the only credits they accept are:

1. Credits with a grade from a regionally accredited college/university
2. AP credits (most of them, but not all)
3. CLEP credits (a subset of them, but not all - check their catalog or google it)
4. ACE credits only from military training/education

We specifically asked about Straighterline, and they said no. 

However, Embry Riddle is very expensive, so she took courses through the ASU/EdX Global Freshman Academy (now it is Earned Admission at ASU). The courses were $649 for three credits (and now they are $425 for three credits). They transferred in no problem to Embry Riddle.   Besides these options, you can also try community college courses, as well as a new program called, which has Calculus and Psychology for $400 and is transcripted at the University of Pittsburg. 

Hopes this helps.
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Embry-Riddle does take some CLEP and a few DSST exams, but no ACE (except military). Google CEP when you get to their website, it's there.
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"Embry Riddle is very expensive, so she took courses through the ASU/EdX Global Freshman Academy (now it is Earned Admission at ASU). The courses were $649 for three credits (and now they are $425 for three credits). They transferred in no problem to Embry Riddle. "

That's worth emphasizing!! That's real-life-legitimate credit laundering, and there are only a handful of ways to do it, I'm so glad you found one. Wink

I did a freebie degree plan for Embry Riddle online engineering on my homeschooling page, it's not very encouraging but I'll share it for what its worth to you. You can get 21 credits in advance if you use CLEP and AP (for the degree I planned) but that is NOT taking into account anything on the ASU list, so that right there is a very nice find!! (to see it as a chart with links) I wrote this in January, 2019 so it might not be current.

MATH241 & MATH242, 8 cr. AP Calculus BC Calculus & Analytical Geometry, 8 cr. (score of 4 for MATH241, score of 5 for MATH241 & 242)

PHY150. 4 cr. Physics 1 for Engineers AP Physics C Mechanics (score of 4)

Humanities lower level elective, 3 cr. CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

Humanities upper-level elective, 3 cr. CLEP English Literature

Social Science lower level elective, 3 cr. CLEP U.S. History 1

Rack Rate Tuition: $49,530 ($390 per credit x 127 credits)
Resourcefully Planned: $41,340 (21 credits CLEP/AP, 106 cr. taken through Embry-Riddle online once enrolled)
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