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I got into Georgia Tech's Masters in Computer Science - Online (OMSCS)!
Congrats! I also don't understand why people choose another uni with higher prices and lower reputations. Georgia Tech and UTexas are such a good deal!

I also look at this program (or UTexas one). This program is really famous for its rigorous level, but that's the good point. My friend from SE Asia country (and from an unknown university, of course), enrolled and finished the OMSCS degree, and now he gets many good offers from reputable companies and universities. That makes me considering this program.

So I appreciate if you share your journey and some tips and trick for applying Smile
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@camjenks - Great work! Congrats! That's awesome! I find it great that several board members and fellow Big3 graduates are able to get into these type of programs offered by pretty well known universities and with these MOOC offerings, it's a lesser dent into peoples wallets especially during these times of uncertainty...

@asianphd - I also added the U of Texas to my list of possible programs as well, the pricing/ranking of the school is pretty much on par with Georgia Tech, but I kind of like the GT name better than UofT... time to look at getting some tuition assistance, it's so hard to find a consulting gig that has reimbursement!
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If you can manage, Linear Algebra and something in Computer Architecture/Organization will server your future studies well too. Those are the main prereqs that you're definitely going to need for future courses.
(04-22-2021, 03:35 PM)rockyskay Wrote: If you can manage, Linear Algebra and something in Computer Architecture/Organization will server your future studies well too. Those are the main prereqs that you're definitely going to need for future courses.

I’m taking nand2tetris right now and planning on going through khan academy linear algebra after that. ??
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