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Inkleind's TESU BSBA GM Plan & Updates

I've been on year for over a year now. I started back in 2015 with the Kaplan PLA and then dove in to a few ALEKS courses but quickly lost my motivation when I hit the wall with Statistics. I was in a bit of a low point in my life and didn't really have the proper motivation to tackle this project.

Now things are considerably different, I am insanely happy with my my employment and I am looking to the future! I've been in non-profit management my entire career and now at 32 I am passionate about getting my degree and then possibly going on to a MPA.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to come back on the site and see the guardian scholarship and that has really jump started me in to some serious excitement! I am so glad to be a part of this community and I hope to continue to be able to give back.

So I'm going to keep a running tab on where I am and what I am loving or hating about what I'm working on.

Here's my current plan:
.xlsx   Less than 1 minute ago">Inkleind TESU 2016 BSBA GM.xlsx (Size: 55.46 KB / Downloads: 48) - Feedback is appreciated!!!! Some of the things are CLEP because I think I can get them for free, I'm waiting to share the details until I know the lead is legit.

Things I hate so far:
- Aleks intro to stats (but it's done!)
- TEEX courses. I will knock out the Cybersecurity for Business Professionals because it's free but man their site leaves a lot to be desired.
- Saylors course material. So far I've only studied for Principles of Management but it's painful compared to

Things I love so far:
- Being done with ALEKS!
- The Guardian Scholarship! This has really given me a lot of love and appreciation for - I definitely want to continue taking some courses there after my scholarship ends.
- This forum! Thank you so much for being constantly motivating! Last week I applied and was accepted to TESU and I've paid/registered for the TECEP. I am so glad I got in right at the buzzer on this!
- Organizational Behavior. I am so glad I took this course. It's the perfect marriage of pysch and management and really confirmed for me that not only do I need this degree but that I actually want it. Yes I really want to check these boxes as fast as possible but wow! there is a lot to learn along the way if I take the time to do so. I highly recommend Organizational Behavior from if you've ever been a manager or ever desire to do so. Fascinating stuff.

Looking forward to your feedback!!
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Hey there!

Good luck on your journey!

Couple of remarks!

The DSST Intro to Computing and Intro to Computing duplicate, so best not to take the DSST!
Introduction to Entrepeneurship is 2 credits at the moment, so take that into account if you want to take that course.
Goal: BA Psychology


Credit Sources
Awesome! I've removed those.

Here's the updated version:

.xlsx   Less than 1 minute ago">Inkleind TESU 2016 BSBAGM.xlsx (Size: 55.37 KB / Downloads: 32)
Good luck in your pursuit, inkleind. You got this.
Goal: TESU BSBA Gen. Man.
114/120 Credits Earned since FEB. '17

Taking my first Saylor test in less than an hour! Why does ProctorU make me way more anxious than RPNow on The stress of scheduling something is annoying! I just want to start it now and be done with it. Gahhhhhh...

Principles of Management... let's knock this out.
inkleind Wrote:The stress of scheduling something is annoying! I just want to start it now and be done with it. Gahhhhhh...

Principles of Management... let's knock this out.

Good luck!

Yeah I hate scheduling in advance especially weeks in advance.

Ideas Wrote:Good luck!

Yeah I hate scheduling in advance especially weeks in advance.

I suddenly feel normal...
Goal: BSBA in Accounting through TESU, 150 credits, Credits so far: 137/150
Received: A.S. in Business Administration, Aug. 2016

Tests taken so far:
Cleps: Psychology (73), College Composition Modular (65), Social Science and History (67), Humanities (59), Marketing (72), Analyzing and Interpreting  Literature (77)
TECEP: Strategic Management Capstone (72)
Aleks: Statistics (71!)
Davar: International Management (82), Intro to Computing (80), American Government (79), Managerial Communications (70) Personal Finance (92), Human Growth and Development (84), Social Psychology (88) Human Resources Management (86)
The Institutes: (76)
Online Accounting Classes: Columbia College: Advanced Accounting, Tax II, TESU: Audit

Up ahead:  Costing, ?
Saylor: Intro to political Science?, Management Info. Systems?
F That. I am done with Saylor. That was the worst experience ever. That test was straight awful. I easily passed all the practice tests and assessments on the course and additional ones on and completely bombed this. 58%!! wtf.

Now I know why Saylor is so cheap. Never again.
Took the final for Organizational Behavior. Loved that class, loved the content, really enjoyed connecting the dots between management styles that I've witnessed and those that I've used over the years with the scientific and historical descriptions of them. Really good stuff. Hopefully some of it can be used on my upcoming Strategic Management course!
Just finished Principles of Finance. Having a knowledge of stocks and the financial markets certainly helped speed this class along. I spent two nights last week and a good 8 hours on Sunday crushing through the chapters and quizzes. I took my time and read the chapters I didn't feel great about or needed clarification on before taking the quizzes. Seems to have worked well enough to get the grade!

Now on to reading the strategic management book and studying for the capstone....

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