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Just got my diploma!!!!
I woke up this morning and saw a big white envelope from my Adelphi University....I was so excited!!
I graduated the end of august and kept wondering why I didn't get my I'm gonna get a nice frame Smile
- [SIZE="2"]STG[/SIZE]
[COLOR="Plum"][SIZE="1"]Intro to Sociology 51|Biology 54|Intro to Psychology 61
College Algebra A[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]124 credits: B.A Social Sciences [B]DONE in 14 months; August 2011[/COLOR][/B]
"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty"- [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Winston Churchill[/COLOR]
Congrats....I'm sure it's a feeling of supreme satisfaction!
MBA, Western Governors University February 2014
BS Charter Oak State College November 2011
AS in EMS August 2010

I'm always happy to complete the free application waiver for those applying to WGU (I get a free gift from WGU for this).  Just PM me your first/last name and a valid email so I can complete their form.

Thread; COSC AS using FEMA
Congrats girl!!!!! Frame it up real nice know!!!! You earned it! Smile
"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."~ Henry David

BA Humanities - TESC
AAS Construction and Facilities Support - TESC
AA Interior Design - MCC
Certificate Interior Design - MCC
Certificate Management - MCC
Yippee!! That's so awesome!! Congrats!! :hurray: I'm sure that made your day!
West. Civ I - 65, A&I Lit - 66, Biology - 65, Chemistry - 55, Nat. Sciences - 64, US Hist I - 68, Am. Lit - 61, US Hist II - 62, Am. Gov. - 67, Macroecon. - 63, Microecon. - 75, College Comp. - 66, Prin. of Marketing - 68, Prin. of Mngt - 71

Civil War and Reconst. - 70, Prin. of Supervision - 443, Intro to World Rel - 477, Intro to Bus - 443, HR Mgmt - 64, Intro to Computing - 458, Prin. of Fin. Acct - 80Big Grin, Bus Ethics & Society - 447, Prin. of Finance - 437

Int. Algebra, College Algebra, Precalc, Intro to Stats., Business Stats.

Corp. Comm - 78%, Bus Law and Ethics - 76%

Manag. Acct. - 96, Int. Acct. 1 - 98, Int. Acct. 2 - 87, Cost Acct. - 94, Strategic Bus. Mngt. - 95

Auditing - 89

Adv. Acct. - B

Fed Income Taxation

BSBA Accounting
STG Wrote:I woke up this morning and saw a big white envelope from my Adelphi University....I was so excited!!
I graduated the end of august and kept wondering why I didn't get my I'm gonna get a nice frame Smile

Congratulations -no-newbie-girl Big Grin

I'll receive mine the same way you did once I pass these two CLEP exams I have pending. I can't wait to share the same way you're feeling right now.

Congratulations again!!! YAY!!!!
That's exciting! Congratulations!
AS in 2010 and BS in 2013 at Excelsior College - Transcripts and Costs
MS Biostatistics in 2019 at Texas A&M University - Graduate School

Sharing Credit-by-Exam*
Resources Used - 20+ Exams Passed & General GRE
Practice Tests - Available for CLEP and DSST

* Link posted with permission from forum admin; thank you!
Congratulations and enjoy!!! :hurray:

"Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan." -Tom Landry

AAS, Admin Studies. 2010
BA, Social Sciences. 2010. Arnold Fletcher Award.
AAS, Environmental, Safety & Security Technologies. 2011
BSBA, General Management. 2011. Arnold Fletcher Award. Sigma Beta Delta (ΣΒΔWink!
Congrats!!! Great job!!!
Excelsior - BS Business 2008
Son #1 TESC BSBA Computer Information Systems completed June 2010
Son #2 TESC BA Computer Science completed November 2010 Currently in Florida State (FSU) Masters CS program and loving it
Way to go! Get a nice frame!
You rock!
BSBA CIS from TESC, BA Natural Science/Math from TESC
MBA Applied Computer Science from NCU
Enrolled at NCU in the PhD Applied Computer Science
Congratulations...well deservedWink
Set yourself goals, not limitations

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