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Math - Looking for Guidance
Happy Holidays everyone!

For my degree program (TESU: BSBA-Finance), I will need to take the following Math courses:

MAT-121 ( MATH 103)
STA-201 ( Statistics 101)

I thought I could force my way through MATH 103 over at, but I was WRONG!  It has been more than 2 decades since I had to work on this stuff. I feel like the person in the video is speaking in Mandarin and I am trying to order a cheeseburger.

Anyway, I realize I need to take a few steps back.  I am considering using Khan Academy, but I am unsure how far back or the proper course sequence I should take to prep me for the MATH 103 and STATISTICS 101. I am willing to do the work, I just don't want to be frustrated.

Additionally, I want to take advantage of the 2 courses per month through and don't want to be stuck on the math. I would prefer to move onto something that won't make me crazy.

When I was a kid, practice problems always helped me.  If anyone has any thoughts or guidance, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Khan Academy is good, and I would suggest that you go all the way back to the beginning - Pre-Algebra would probably work. It won't take you long to get through it, but you just start there and work your way through Algebra I & II - College Algebra covers both. Then do Stats.

Another option is to take's Math 97, 98 & 99 - Intro to Mathematical Reasoning, Math for Everyday Life, and Essential of Algebra and Statistics. None are credit-bearing at TESU, but they might get you up to speed. You can do those as just courses where you aren't going to take a final, so they won't count against your 2 exams per month, and then take whatever other courses you want to take for the finals.

I feel your pain, I am having to get through Stats right now, and it is completely out of my league. But I'm getting through...
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I think Math 97 from transfers 2 math credits at TESU according to the transfer guide. Just FYI.
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I'm with Dfrecore - go to Khan and give yourself enough time to start where you need to. When is the last time you had to divide fractions? Exactly.
Start at addition if you want, there is no one there to give you a bad grade for not learning something quickly enough or on the first pass. I think you'll find that when the motivation to learn is internal, you'll enjoy the process a lot more. Take notes, go slow, marinate and get your math on baby! Smile

PS. I used Khan Academy's whole Stats and Probability video series to study for and pass the DSST Stats exam. I've never taken Algebra (I took pre-algebra in high school) so if ***I*** can do it with no math background, you can too.
Another very good source for learning college algebra is Their program and videos are WAY better than any other on the market, and are free.

Also, for what it's worth - the easiest College Alegbra exam out there is Saylor (believe it or not). I tried TESU College Algebra (failed), (got frustrated), Straighterline (way too much work, and I can't learn from a book), CLEP (too much material to cover). Instead, I used to prepare for Saylor, and passed it easily.

None of the other Saylor exams are easy (in my opinion), but the College Algebra one is quite doable. Even for someone who hasn't done math in 30 years
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