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SL Coupon Code
Julie S. Wrote:Has anyone used the HOMESCHOOL50 code today? It's not going through..... Maybe because it's only a membership?

Thanks for posting this- I'll let them know asap.
Julie S. Wrote:Do you know if two codes can be applied? For example, HOMESCHOOL50 for the membership and then add two courses with the MATCH50. Would that work? What if it were done in two transitions? Any idea?

I have 3 of my kids waiting to sign up for SL, so the more we can save the better Wink

You can't use multiple codes on the same check out (or at least I haven't been able too). I only needed three courses so what I did was signed up for the membership with 1 course and used the 50$ code. Then used another code when I purchased the other two courses a few days later.
Thomas Edison State University - BSBA: Accounting - September 2017

B&M: Stats, Business Law I, Microeconomics, Business Comm, Computer Concepts and Apps, Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting II, Managerial Accounting, Not-for-Profit Accounting
CLEP: Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, College Comp Modular, Human Growth and Development
Institutes: Ethics 312
Aleks: Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, PreCalculus
Shmoop: U.S. History I, U.S. History II, Modern European History Principles of Finance, Advanced Accounting I, Applied Managerial Accounting, American Government, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, Globalization and International Management, English Composition II, Intro to Computing, Public Speaking, Info Systems and Comp Apps
SL: Intermediate Accounting I, Introduction to Religon, Cost Accounting, Western Civilization I/II
TECEP: Strategic Management, Federal Income Tax
Rec'd a reply back this morning, AND tried it myself- HOMESCHOOL50 now works for new and existing members. Enjoy!
I was just saved $49 with SAVE49. I had a course and membership in the cart.
cookderosa Wrote:New code!!

Coupon Code: HOMESCHOOL50

1 use per customer
Expires 6/3/17
$50 off purchase

Thank you all for these codes! The newbies would love them!
Done: TESU ASNSM Biology, ASBA/BSBA (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)
Business & IT Certs: Cisco, CompTIA, 6Sigma/Lean/Scrum, ITIL, MTA, etc
Coursera Google IT Certs & Udacity Nanodegrees

Working on: TESU BA Biology & Computer Science
Universidad Isabel I: ENEB MBA, Big Data & BI, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
Deferred: **Deciding on several Masters/PHD programs**

2019 BALS and BSBA Spreadsheet using mainly SL/ (post#28,31)
The Basic Approach | DegreeForum Community Supported Wiki
~Review: Beginners Guide sticky for info on TESU BALS/BSBA in 4 months (post #16)
~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc
bjcheung77 Wrote:Thank you all for these codes! The newbies would love them!

LOL I'm not a newbie but love coupon codes! I have 2 using SL, so we pay $198/mo before classes, which they are averaging 2 ea per month - I'll take EACH AND EVERY CODE I CAN GET.
HOMESCHOOL50 worked for me with 2 courses in the cart, did not try with one. Thank you, every bit helps.
AAS WVNCC, completed 6/17. BS plan through TESU
Business Ethics 3 | Western Civilization 3 |Business Accounting 3 | Org Behavior 3| Intro to Nutrition 3 |Intro to Sociology 3 |US Hist I 3 |Intro to religion 3 |Anatomy & Physiology 3 |Intro to Communication 3| Macroeconomics 3| Microeconomics 3 |Business Law 3|English Comp 1| American History II 3 | Intro to Crim Just 3| American Gov 3|Accounting I 3|Business Principles 3| Business Stats|Cultural Anthropology|American History II| Account II|
Aleks College Algebra 3
TEEX CYBER102,201,301 6
84/120 Credits

In progress
English II |Financial Accounting|Intro to Envir Science
humbleAMG Wrote:HOMESCHOOL50 worked for me with 2 courses in the cart, did not try with one. Thank you, every bit helps.

It worked for me with one. Got the course for $9 :hurray:
CC: 9 Credits - Intro to Psych, English 1, Intro to Theatre
B&M: Federal Taxation 
CLEP: Principals of Marketing, Analyzing & Interpreting Lit (6 cr), English Comp
DSST: MIS, Intro to Computing, Criminal Justice (6 cr)
ALEKS: Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, PreCalculus, Intro to statistics
Free courses: Kaplan PLA, The Institutes Ethics, TEEX Cybersecurity for Everyone, Sophia Developing Effective Teams
Penn Foster: Strategic Business Management Personal Finance, Financial Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Intro to Managerial Accounting, Applied Managerial Accounting, Principles of Finance
Saylor: Environmental Ethics
SL: Financial Accounting (Intermediate I), Managerial Accounting (Cost), Business Law, American Government, Intro to Religion, Cultural Anthropology, Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Environmental Science

110/120 credits
Goal: TESU BSBA-Accounting
Sweet thread!
We are all on the same side here, trying to better our let's get along and help each other out. 

Learn a trade. Gain technical skills. Make money, then use this money to get a degree...if you have the desire. 

Keep learning.
Rockets N Stuff
Know this is a close to midnight hour code. Code ALUMNITHANKS works for $50 off with membership good till 4/30/2017. You can check to see if it works with two courses in the cart. I am not sure though cause I haven't a membership right now.
CLEP:College Comp. w/essay, A & I Lit. w/essay, College Algebra, US History 1 & 2, Biology, Human Growth & Development   DSST: Foundations of Edu.  TEEX: Cyber Security 101 & 301 Sophia: Developing Effective Teams The Institutes: Ethics & CPCU Prof. Code.

Straighterline: Intro to Religion, Intro to Com., Western Civ. 1& 2, American Gov, PreCalculus, Intro to Bio Lab Personal Finance, Edu. Psychology, Classroom Management, Special Edu. History & Law, Geology, Civil War & Reconstruction, History of the Vietnam War

2018 WGU BA Mathematics Education (5-9 licensure)

Current Work: VIPKID ESL Teacher and Substitute Teacher


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