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Shmoop GenEd
Thanks! That is what I figured, but wanted to make sure.
In the home stretch to a BSBA:GM, next up EHS/OHS Master's program
We are all on the same side here, trying to better our let's get along and help each other out. 

Shout-out to the MVP's that have assisted us all. 
(03-13-2018, 03:20 PM)mrshill818 Wrote:
(12-07-2017, 11:41 AM)22gunsonfire Wrote: I compiled a list of TESU Shmoop equivalencies and update it as I find them from the forum. So far I've got:


 Mathematics I -                          MAT-115 Intermediate Algebra
 Mathematics II -                         MAT-121 College Algebra
 Mathematics III -                        MAT-129 PreCalculus
 Geometry -                               MAT-361
 Finite Math -                            MAT-110
 Algebra I
 Algebra II
 Pre-Algebra I
 Pre-Algebra II

Literature and Humanities

 Holocaust in Literature -                ENG-301 The Holocaust
 The Bible as Literature -                LIT-242 Biblical Literature I
 Literature in the Media -                LIT-430 Literature and the Media
 Modernist Literature -                   LIT-399 Special Topics
 Drugs in Literature -                    LIT-299
 Shakespeare's Plays -                    LIT-320 Shakespeare I
 Women's Literature -                     LIT-323 Women in Literature
 British Literature -                     LIT-208 Literature I
 Intro to Poetry -                        ENG-246 Poetry I
 Western Literature -                     LIT-202 Literary Roots of Western Culture
 American Literature -                    LIT-205 American Literature
 Classical Literature -                   LIT-299 Special Topics in Literature
 Foundations of Literature -              LIT-105 Introduction to Literature
 Shakespeare in Context -                 LIT-299 Special Topics in Literature
 Victorian Literature -                   ENG-299 Special Topics in English  
 Introduction to Film Studies -           FIL-160
 Introduction to Drama
 Literature 101
 Contemporary Literature  

Psychology, History, and Social Sciences

 Modern European History -                HIS-221 European History II
 U.S. History 1492-1877 -                 HIS-113 U.S. History I
 U.S. History 1877-present -              HIS-114 U.S. History II
 Intro to Human Sexuality -               PSY-232
 World Geography -                        GOG-230
 Comparative Government and Politics -    POS-280 Comparative Gov. & Politics I
 Psychology 101 -                         PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology
 American National Government -           POS-110 American Government
 Foundations of Education  
 Introduction to Art History
 History of Technology


 Introduction to Biology
 Introduction to Chemistry
 Introduction to Physics

Business and Communication

 Media Literacy -                         COM-120 Intro. Mass Communications I
 Pop Culture Literacy -                   HUM-199 Special Topics in Humanities

If its empty its not confirmed. These are what are confirmed will transfer in as to TESU.

I got my evaluation back today.
Business Communications - COM-202 Intro to Business Communications
Principles of Finance - FIN-200 Intro to Finance
Does the Shmoop finace classes come in as gen ed or is it assigned as elecetives at TESU.

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