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Transferring from a Big3
I'm new here and just starting my journey with going back to school. 

Since many of you are using the ModernStates/Clep, Saylor,, onlinedegree type sites etc. for college credits, I'm hoping someone might have insight. 

If you choose a school of the big3 and accumulate your online courses to apply for credits to that school for the online classes or tests you took, can you transfer those credits for those classes to a different school if you change your mind about where you want to graduate? 

For example, I'd like to pursue computer science and was thinking to use all the above online sources for credits, to be accepted at TESU. Could a TESU transcript be evaluated and given credit at a different institution if the courses didn't receive a grade (because, its only credits)? 

Does anyone have any insight into this? 

I'd prefer a program with a BS instead of BA for computer science, that's why I'm hoping to transfer the credits out. I doubt the school would accept all the credits from online learning directly the way the schools in the Big3 do. Can these kinds of college credits transfer out at all?
You can't transfer credits out of a big 3 school (or any school) unless you actually took the classes at that school. What you're referring to is known as "credit laundering", and it doesn't work. Schools will require you to send transcripts from the original source of the credits and evaluate them according to their own policies
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(01-10-2019, 12:05 AM)mysonx3 Wrote: You can't transfer credits out of a big 3 school (or any school) unless you actually took the classes at that school. What you're referring to is known as "credit laundering", and it doesn't work. Schools will require you to send transcripts from the original source of the credits and evaluate them according to their own policies

That is correct.

Each school always asks for original transcripts for all college courses you've taken. Colleges don't "absorb" credits transferred to it, they only evaluate transferred credits (according to their own internal policies) to determine how, and how many, of those credits can be applied to take the place of similar courses taken at their school. Transferred credits are always kept separate from any credits earned directly at the college. Each time you change colleges you start the transfer and evaluation process over, with original transcripts from each source of earned credits.

If the destination college doesn't accept alternate credits (like CLEP, DSST, ACE, etc.) or only accepts a limited amount of them for credit, it won't matter if they were previously accepted by another college or not.

That said, there is no difference between a BA and BS in Computer Science. Consider them interchangeable. The difference between them is really just about how the GenEds are structured. The core of each degree is generally the same, so basically you learn the same stuff and employers / other colleges don't see any difference between them.

Also, if you're interested in a computer science (or software development) degree, you might also consider WGU. They take fewer alternative credits but their technical degrees are generally looked upon pretty favorably. Plus, depending on your focus, you may be able to get through their degree faster and more cheaply than a comparable degree from TESU or one of the other Big 3. Plus you'll earn industry certifications along the way which can be pretty valuable. Note: If you decide to go with WGU, keep in mind that you can only earn alt. credits until you enroll, so you'd need to take all the transferable courses you expect to need before officially starting at WGU.
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(121.68 credits total. 95 credits earned in 10 months, with 45 of those earned in ~3 months)
@!=scholar If you are a US citizen WGU is easier and more cost effective for the CS degree than TESU and its a BS.

I know the BS is supposed to have more math and CS classes but its not necessary. Most employers dont know the difference. And for CS its ability that countdls, not the degree. CS teams just want the degree to satisfy management. All they care is that you can do the job.
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Sophia (11 Cr): Col Alg, Info Tech, Pub Speak, Effe Teams, Manag Con
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B&M College (46 Cr)

Wow, thank you for all the responses!

The WGU program looks interesting. The flat rate tuition doesn't appeal to me right now though, since I have limited time with young children running around the house. I'm also considering accelerated programs at Champlain and Wilmington U.

The BA at TESU is a strong option.

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