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UL Testing
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post, but I have this forum for the last two years and it has been a great help!   I need options for my upper level course for my BALS at TESU.  I have already taken all the DSSTs I can and would like to find a UL option I can just test out of and has no writing included.  I attempted the Saylor course (organizational communication) and missed it by 2 points.  So I am searching for the quickest option in hopes to be done by 1 May.  Thank you so much.
Have you looked at UExcels? Some of them are UL, but there is some overlap with DSST subjects.
Working towards: TESU, BSBA-HR (84/120 units, goal to graduate in 2019)

Completed: B&M CC: 67 units BUS 102 Principles of Marketing, BUS 109 Computing, BUS 120 International Business (9 units) Davar: Organizational Behavior (3 units) TESU: Cornerstone (1 unit) Free Courses: Institutes: Ethics (2 units), Sophia: Conflict Resolution, Leading Teams (2 units)

Currently Working On: Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Management, Davar: Corp Communication
Courses Left To Go: (Managerial Accounting, Finance, Org Theory, Employment Law, Leading Org Change, Microeconomics), Aleks or SDC (Statistics, College Algebra), TESU Capstone

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